Four of Cups

Boredom · Disappointment · Dissatisfaction · Re-evaluation · Tedious

Four of Cups
Four of Cups Tarot card

Four of Cups's Meaning

Apathy is the most insidious of evil. If its influence remains unchecked you may lose yourself, and not even realize what you have lost. This card is a strong warning that you must break out of your current cycles. Seek out causes or people to care and fight for. Make new goals, and then seek out new paths to reach them. Now is the time to take risks, as the price of failure is far less than the cost of no longer seeking success.


You are discontent and nothing is changing to influence this. Your desire for change will be the most powerful impetus for the world around you to change. Take a new approach in order to transform your circumstances.


Do not be afraid to move forward. Instead, fear becoming overly content. Seek new paths in order to progress on new levels.


There will be long delays before you achieve your goals. Do not lose faith and keep your eyes facing forward. Make your plans and do not lose sight of the exciting rewards you desire.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Four of Cups is an indifferent card showing a sense of apathy, boredom, and even disappointment. It could mean that you need to re-evaluate some area of your life or possibly that you are just settling for where you are and with opportunities having been missed. There is no clear answer right now.

Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology.


Key dates: July 12 to July 21

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