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I Ching: The Mysterious Oracle of Ancient China

We are all spiritual beings in a world that appears to be materialistic, though we often face phenomena that are unexplainable in terms of exact science. Ancient people couldn’t use modern science to ease their lives, but some of them were able to reach spiritual domains that are above today’s usual understandings. Divination, oracles, and predictions were taken as necessary support to find most different answers.

The I Ching is such support. It is considered the most credible of all oracles. It provides deep, intuitive insights into the state of our mind, body and soul, suggesting answers and solutions we may have missed.

Historically, I Ching (or Yi Jing, Yiying, and I Ging) is also known as Book of Changes or Classic of Changes, one of the five founding books of Confucianism. I Ching is over 3000 years old, while the symbols used for divination are more than 5000 years old. They are oldest known books in the world and oldest known form of divination. It is the most popular Asian spiritual source and oracle, but it has growing influence in the Western world. People trust I Ching and its ability to give useful life support.

Although we can’t ultimately predict the future, there is a way to see its direction. If you carefully study it, I Ching will provide you this ability. Sometimes, we all need guidance on important issues. How is my health? How to improve my financial situation? Is this partner good for me? You ask questions, I Ching answers them if you can read its symbolism. It’s not complicated, but you have to use all your senses to see the answer, especially the intuition.

We, of course, don’t suggest you to abandon your intellect and forget about your mind. We just encourage you to open your mind a bit more for out-of-box thinking and get some advices from Ancient people. Yes, I Ching could (only) be your best consultant. The decisions are, however, yours, as your future is only yours and nobody else’s.

The Symbols and Elements of I Cing

I Ching deals with polarity and dualism of things, as the most of the Eastern civilizations are spiritually based upon the dualistic concept of Yin and Yang, the two polarized forces in a constant CHANGE, harmonization and balance that rule the world. Male and female, Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Good and Evil, Love and Hate, Life and Death, you name it, but it is all about the Yin/Yang dualism.

I Ching represents Yin and Yang shaped like two lines:

Yang _________ (the creative principle, male). 
Yin ___ ___ (the reactive principle, female).

The second element of I Ching are triagrams. Triagrams are consisted of three Yin/Yang lines, always in relation 2:1, in 8 possible combinations, with all possible positions of Yin/Yang lines (above, middle, bellow). So, there are total 8 diagrams, representing 8 elements of the world: Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Lake, and Heaven.

The third and most fundamental element of I Ching are the 64 hexagrams, each of them consisted of 6 Yin/Yang lines, i.e. of two triagrams in all possible combinations and positions. The lower (Internal) triagram represents the inner change that is occurring, while the upper (external) triagram is seen as the dynamic change related to some outer situation.

Each of 64 hexagrams has a profound symbolic meaning, story, picture, and judgment/prognosis that should be interpreted by the I Ching user. As we have mentioned, there are static meanings, but the intuition of the reader plays an essential role in dynamic, creative interpretation of the hexagrams.

How to Use & Consult I Ching?

The Ancient method for casting I Ching involved a bit complicated method of using fifty yarrow stalks, while the most used method is with three identical coins. Here is the complete process of getting a hexagram:

  1. Get focused on your subject, dilemma or question when casting.
  2. 2. Hold the coins loosely, shake them, and toss them. The position they take will give you a numerical value that gives the type of the line. (Or if you are using this website, just click the virtual coins!)
  3. 3. The heads gives 3, and tails 2 points. For instance, if you get one head and two tails, it is 3+2+2, so your starting line is 7. Here is the chart:

_________ 1 head + 2 tails = 7 (young yang)
___ ___ 2 heads +1 tail = 8 (young yin)
____O____ 3 head = 9 (old yang)
___ X ___ 3 tails = 6 (old yin)

Here is a list of all the I Ching hexagrams and their meaning: