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Runes Reading, Meaning and Interpretation

Runes: What They Are?

Runes are probably one of the oldest, pagan methods used for divination, magic, and future prediction the Ancient people were using to answer questions that were above their comprehensions. Technically, runes are written symbols, an old Germanic alphabet used also for writing, and they were widely used across the northern Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. Some runic inscriptions are also found in America, supporting the claims that Vikings were the first Europeans to discover America. Runes are used in a way that is connected with the reader’s intuition and the esoteric knowledge of their meaning.

Runes were used for writing in many languages, including German, Gothic, English, Frisian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Hebrew, Russian and other Semitic languages. They might be read from left to right or from right to left, even on a same artifact. This is why the translation of runic inscriptions is sometimes very difficult by the fact that some rune masters have been using cryptic puzzles or secret scripts.

The meaning of the Anglo-Saxon word “rune” is secret, mystery or whisper. Beyond their mundane meaning and alphabetic/phonetic values, each rune has esoteric meanings, spiritual/divine properties, and strong relation to the nature forces and human mind. Each rune is a story related to a Norse God.

Runes oracles from which one seeks advice. They are most useful if you detail your current state and then ask your specific question. Their reading can sometimes be obscure: they give answers, but a reader has to figure out the details, which is the very reason why the intuition is so important in interpreting runes.

The rune casting or runic divination isn’t fortunetelling in the sense to see the future; they rather give a possibility to analyze your path and a likely outcome. The future is not a fixed phenomenon – it is changing with your actions. If you don’t like the prediction, you can always change your paths.

The oldest and most used Runic alphabet is the Anglo-Saxon Elder Futhorc, containing 24 runes and it is the model we are using here too, with all its meanings. The set of runes is divided into three so-called “Aettir” or groups of eight. You can make your own set of runes, following some specific rituals, but it is another topic.

How to Use Runes?

All runes have names that were significant to the Ancient German, Anglo-Saxon, and Norsemen pagans who used them. Some are names for gods, animals, plants, features, everyday objects, and concepts. Traditionally, the runes are associated with crystals, gemstones, plants, trees, colors, and the elements. The associations are sometimes very obvious. For instance, The Rune of Fertility and Growth is named Berkanan and is associated with the rapidly growing birch tree, the rune’s color is dark green as the three leaves, while its element is Earth from which the tree grows.

The one who aspire to be a rune reader has to have some knowledge of history, culture, and especially the mythology of Ancient Europe and Scandinavia. The understanding of answers the runes give to you is inextricably dependent upon these. To help you, we will give you all possible meanings for each rune in their separate interpretations bellow. The rest is up to you. For a beginning, here are the four common traditional methods to use runes:

  1. While your runes are in the pouch, close your eyes, concentrate on what you need an answer for (present, past or future situation) and simply choose a rune as your answer.
  2. Carefully and gently toss your rune set onto a soft surface while focusing on what you need an answer for (present, past or future situation). The rune(s) that get aside of the most to you will be your answer.
  3. Lay your runes out in grid and slowly pass over them with your hand while concentrating on your question. If you are right-handed use your left hand, and if you are left-handed use your right hand. The point is to intuitively SENSE the rune that will answer your question.
  4. Close your eyes trying to be relaxed in a neutral state of mind and then draw three runes from the bag. Line them up. The first rune will answer a past situation, the second is an answer to a present situation, and the last one will give you an answer to a future situation.

Don’t forget to follow your intuition. Runes can give truly amazing and correct answers if you are prepared well. The most important is to know their full meanings and the way to interpret them, which is what we will give you, bellow.