Six of Swords

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Six of Swords
Six of Swords Tarot card

Six of Swords's Meaning

Your mental focus can put you on track to leave your current troubles behind, leading to better times ahead. It is important to face your problems from a mental standpoint, thinking through them. There is still trouble ahead for you, but the worst is over.


You have overcome a major hurdle while also staying true to yourself. The understanding and objectivity you have developed will lead you to a better future.


There will be a change in your life for the better. A burden or challenge you will face may yield a new path.


The challenges you face will eventually be overcome. The struggles are necessary to provide you with the growth you need to find your way to a better future.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Six of Swords is symbolic of a journey or escape into mental clarity. It suggests a better, positive future or possibly a period of calm straight ahead of you. Moving forward could require you to use your logic or natural intellect, but the end result is of a positive nature. The answer is yes.

Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology.


Key dates: January 30 to February 8

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