The Empress

Abundant creativity · Fertility · Fulfillment · Mother figure · Productivity

The Empress
The Empress Tarot card

The Empress's Meaning

Traditionally associated with strong maternal influence, the presence of the Empress is excellent news if you are looking for harmony in your marriage or hoping to start a family. Any artistic endeavours you are currently associated with are also likely to be more successful, as this card often finds those exposed to strong bursts of creative or artistic energy. That creative energy may not be in the form of a painting or art project, however: This card also suggests a very strong possibility of pregnancy -- not necessarily yours, but you might be seeing a new addition to your extended family or the family of a close friend in the near future! This card is a good portent for you and those around you.


The last opportunity you had is proving its influence now. Whether business, personal, or artistic, a new partnership will require your continued effort to succeed. Remember your most resourceful behaviors, but especially your discipline.


There may be a new beginning unfolding before you and you decided its quality. Be understanding and especially sensitive to the emotional aspects of life. A loved one will need a helping hand or light in the dark. The role is yours to fill, no matter your choice.


The future will bring healing and respite for your emotional and physical wounds. Spending time walking on new paths will be more beneficial than mending bridges. Your investments will pay off if you carefully tend them.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Empress stands for all things motherly. A nurturing, loving problem solver, she indicates successful business ventures or other positive, productive opportunities to come. She suggests moving forward to fulfill your full potential, and the answer you seek is yes.

Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology.


No key dates: ruled by Venus

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