Three of Swords

Fresh beginning · Loss · Pain · Separation · Suffering

Three of Swords
Three of Swords Tarot card

Three of Swords's Meaning

The presence of the III of Swords in your spread suggests significant pain in your life. This pain is likely caused by or the result of conflict, perhaps due to disrupted partnership or friendship. This pain may be part of a new beginning, but you must face your pain honestly to overcome it.


There is a great emotional or physical pain that you are still nursing. Letting go of accountability may allow you to embrace the opportunity to create something new provided by the recent destruction of something you loved.


You will soon experience an intense emotional upheaval. This period of suffering will lead you to a better future.


The path ahead of you is being cleared to make room for something new. It is your decision how to make use of the opportunities in store.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Three of Swords shows the presence of pain and suffering either through an emotional loss, the end of an important relationship, or heartbreak through separation. The emotional disturbances and mental anguish that come along with this card portray an answer of no to your question.

Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology.


Key dates: October 3 to October 12

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