Weekly Tarot Reading

Ten of Cups represents achievement, alignment, happiness, and support.

This week we are guided by the Ten of Cups

In this image, a family shows joy at ten cups arranged in a rainbow. it suggests that a level of maturity has been reached, a time of completion, and that it is now time to take comfort in your family and loved ones. The support you need is there for the taking.

Additionally, this card promises happy events with your loved ones, such as family reunions. There is no need to worry about the outcome of any planned events, because they will go better than anticipated. In terms of relationships, love that brought these individuals together, and it is also love that will hold them together. Love is what matters in the end.

You can expect achievement and to attain some long goal if you find the Ten of Cups in your spread. This card is, like the rest of the Cups, imbued with emotional undertones. It may signal the mending of bridges between friends or family members you were once close to, if there has been a rift. It also signals alignment, and you may find it symbolizes your own inner emotional turmoil being resolved. It brings happiness, and in this improved state you are in a good place to give support to people in your life. In reference to marriage it is usually indicative of lasting emotional bonds.

Read the following before you select your Tarot card:

Mother Nature, my Spirit Guide, Guardian Angels, and Spirits of the Earth, I ask for your help and guidance with this reading.

Guard me with a circle of white, joyous light – encapsulated in shimmering purple – and send my grounding cord deep into the Earth.

Please speak to me through this Tarot reading and guide me on my journey towards an answer.

Please choose one card.