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CH’IEN (The Creative)

Elements: Heaven Above and Below

Image: The movement of heaven is powerful. This is reflected in a strong and untiring attitude.

Judgement: Using your Creative power will lead to great success. Keep working hard to further your aims.

Interpretation: Ch'ien is pure Yang, which indicates you are now in a wonderful position to achieve your goals. The lack of Yin influence suggests a time of great potential is upon you. Now is the time for planning and action. Take care not to be impatient, and to plan thoroughly. Ch'ien is an auspicious hexagram so use this time to think about your long-term goals, and how they align to your personal values. Examine these valuesand your motivations. Are they well-meaning? Use self-reflection and compassion and take time to relax and enjoy your current circumstances. Remember that although this is a prosperous time, if you approach with arrogance this will breed negativity and resentment from those around you.