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KUAI (Breakthrough)

Elements: Lake over Heaven

Image: Lake rises up to heaven. Image of Breakthrough. The wise man dispenses the wealth downward and retrains on his virtues.

Judgement: One must decisively make the matter known at the king’s court. It must be announced truthfully. There is a danger. One should notify one’s own city. It does not further to resort to arms, but it furthers one to take some action.

Interpretation: Kuai relates to opportunities being presented through the weakness of other people and to the necessity to be ready to act. Once you presented this opportunity and made a breakthrough, you have to immediately take advantage of doing this. Don’t let negative forces regain the upper hand. Kuai is a warning not to use the opponents’ tactics, and also a reminder that the goal doesn’t justify the means. Negativity should be replaced with a positive alternative.