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HSIAO CH’U (The Taming Power of the Small)

Elements: Wind over Heaven

Image: Wind blows across heaven. Within it are held the smaller details of life and their power. Reflections on the small partsof our nature which make up our whole being are indicated.

Judgement: Success may be found in the small details. The clouds are dense, but with reflection they can become clearer.

Interpretation: Hsiao Ch'u encourages us to pay attention to the small details in life. Now is not the time to make big decision regardingbusiness or general life issues. Instead it asks you to look at your life in more detail. Are there smaller tasks you are putting off? Are there areasof your life you are ignoring, choosing instead to focus on the bigger picture? Are you paying attention to the needs and wants of others? Although now is not the time to rush into big decisions or changes, you can make small daily improvements in your life.