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TA CH’U (The Taming Power of the Great)

Elements: Mountain over Heaven.

Image: Heaven stirs within the mountain. Harness your power wisely. Wisdom comes from learning from the past.

Judgement: Hard work and dedication will pay off. Manage your resources carefully.

Interpretation: This hexagram signifies the accumulation of wealth and resources. What you gain should not be hoarded or gathered to youwith a miserly attitude. Share your wealth and abundance with others, embracing generosity. Remember that wealth comes in many forms, not justfinancial. Are you being generous with your time and emotions? Others around you may have more experience and wisdom than you, so ensure you seek adviceand support. Be open to receiving as well as giving. Ta Ch'u advises us to share, but also to be moderate. Do not overstretch yourself in your generosity, instead find a balance where all can benefit from your wise use of resources.