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LU (Treading/Conduct)

Elements: Heaven over Lake.

Image: Lake below, heaven above. Finding the balance between passivity and assertiveness.

Judgement: Caution is needed. If you tread carefully, such as on the tail of the tiger, you will not be attacked. Balance will leadto success.

Interpretation: Lu ask us to tread carefully in our words and deeds. How mindful are you with your words? By choosing what yousay carefully you can avoid conflict with friends and loved ones. Are you speaking with sincerity to those around you? Lu reminds us to examinewhere jealousy or envy are playing roles in our life. If you are behaving in this way take steps to resolve these feelings so you don't act in an unfair way to others. Lu may indicate inequality, and advises us to tread carefully to avoid treating others unequally.