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K’UEI (Opposition)

Elements: Fire over Lake

Image: A Fire burns above a lake. Themes of opposition and arguments are indicated.

Judgement: Success can be gained by overcoming small disagreements and pettiness.

Interpretation: K'uei warns of poor communication which leads to disagreements and arguments. Refusals to talk through a problem or beingstubborn about reaching an agreement are indicated. Take time to reflect on your role in disagreements. Are you willing to say sorry or admit where youwere wrong? Are others unfairly refusing you the chance to work through problems? The key to moving forward is to find ways of communicating calmlyand with love. Find your inner space of compassion and try to speak tactfully and with grace. At times, it's hard to avoid getting angry when we feel othersare in the wrong, but K'uei indicates now isn't the time to lose your temper and allow yourself to be provoked. Try to take the higher ground if someoneelse is behaving unfairly.