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KUEI MEI (The Marrying Maiden)

Elements: Thunder over Lake

Image: It thunders over the lake. Image of The Marrying Maiden. The wise man is able to understand the transitory with the light of the eternity of the end.

Judgement: Actions bring misfortune. Nothing that would further.

Interpretation: This is one of most challenging hexagrams. It comes when the warnings by Chie (hexagram 53) have been ignored. This is a period when you could feel alienated from people around you who have lost all their respect for you. Kuei Mei is a huge warning that errors in judgment and impetuous actions have led you to this current bad situation. Don’t act impetuously once again. Slow progress and great diplomacy are the only successful remedies. Avoid self-pity and anger. Approach these problems slowly – all things are passing and this state is not an exception.