Your I Ching Reading

LIN (Approach)

Elements: Earth over Lake

Image: The Earth rises above a lake. The approach of knowledge is indicated. Education, learning and teaching lead to greater wisdom.

Judgement: The best success will be found by listening to the teachings of others.

Interpretation: Lin indicates that you have an opportunity to listen and learn from people with greater wisdom and experience than you. Now isthe time to listen to what others have to say and what their experiences can teach you. Embrace the wisdom of others with gratitude. Your currentcircumstances will change for the better if you learn to listen to others. Don't forget to also listen for your inner voice and intuition and guidance from your higher self. During this period, it is advisable to plan ahead in order to be prepared for any future obstacles. Success will come to youwhen you are willing to learn. Do not forget to share your success with others.