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T’UNG JEN (Fellowship)

Elements: Heaven over Fire

Image: Heaven unites with fire. A time to nurture relationships. The importance of fellowships and family is indicated.

Judgement: Fellowships and bonds of friendship lead to great success. Your aims will be furthered by finding your spiritual tribe.

Interpretation: T'ung Jen connects us to ideas of fellowship and group structures. Now may be a time to organize your tribe around youand give clear direction if needed. You are stronger together when nurtured in a group which is mutually supportive. If there is mistrust or power struggleswithin your group this can cause delays and obstacles. When people act from a place of suspicion or envy the heart of the group becomes soured. Call for those close to you to unite under a higher common purpose. When everyone is focused on goals for the common good then small disagreements andpower struggles will be forgotten.