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WU WANG (Innocence)

Elements: Heaven over Thunder.

Image: Thunder rolls under Heaven. All things attain their natural state of innocence. Thus the old kings who were in harmony with the time and rich in virtues, nourished and fostered all beings

Judgement: Supreme success. Innocence. If someone doesn’t act as he should, he will experience misfortune. It is not recommended for him to undertake anything. Perseverance furthers.

Interpretation: Wu Wand is related to innocence and the childlike joyfulness attached to it. You should stop trying to impress others to gain their approval. Instead of this, concentrate on and honor each aspect of work and life. This way you will stay alert and open. Although some planning is still necessary, Fu reminds us that it is never possible to predict all events. It is recommended to learn to act moment to moment rather than losing too much energy something that will never happen. Find a balance between the wisdom of experience and the childlike confidence.