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WU WANG (Innocence)

Elements: Heaven over Thunder. Image: Thunder rolls under heaven. The energy is of innocence and harmony. Joyfulness and abundance.

Judgement: Joyful success and innocence. A time to allow the authentic energy to flow. Those who don't act from this energy willexperience misfortune.

Interpretation: Wu Wand relates to themes of joyfulness and childlike innocence. It is about remembering your natural state of play and happiness, without attaching to ideas of how you 'should' behave. Closing yourself off to these energies in an attempt to impress others or gain theirapproval leads to delays and stagnation. Spend time reconnecting with your inner child and a lighthearted sense of joy. Honor your work and stay alertto your life and circumstances, but don't become caught up in anxiety or overinvestment in the future. Although some planning is advisable, Fu reminds uswe cannot predict the future. Instead we should more fully embrace the present by finding a balance between the wisdom of experience and the playfulinnocence of a child.