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CHEN (The Arousing)

Elements: Thunder over Thunder

Image: A raging storm. Themes of fear and anxiety are indicated.

Judgement: Sometimes it takes shock and fear to bring us to greater awareness.

Interpretation: Chen relates to themes of fear and a need to be jolted out of complacency. Sometimes if we have not given enoughattention to our growth life will conspire to shock us into action. You may be dealing with a crises and a situation which you find frightening. Examine what is happening at the moment and if you have contributed to the situation by not giving problems or issues enough attention. Choose the best way to respond and understand that sometimes painful experiences cause us the most growth. Don't fall back into old habits, but recognize that now is the time to let yourself grow through your difficulties. Remember that courage doesn't mean not being afraid, it means being afraidbut facing your fears anyway.