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CHUN (Difficulties at the beginning)

Elements: Water over Thunder

Image: Clouds and thunder rage across the landscape. Obstacles and difficulties when beginning projects. Use careful judgement to bring order out of confusion.

Judgement: Growing pains. New beginnings which are initially painful, but have good long-term prospects. Be patient and don't rush into new projects. Look for outside help to assist you.

Interpretation: Chun indicates that there are short-term obstacles standing between you and your goals. The presence ofthe thunder shows these will be short-lived, just like a passing storm. The clouds represent the coming rain, which can be nourishing in the long term as it waters the land and allows things to grow. Take time to reflect on your course of action and the best way to overcome obstacles. Once you have done this your plans will thrive. Don't be tempted to rush into action, and make sure you aren't being negatively influenced by those around you. Seek help from those who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. Remain open to new ideas and ways of moving forward.