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TA KUO (The Preponderance of the Great)

Elements: Lake over Wind.

Image: A lake rises above trees. Themes of isolation and retreat. Wisdom can be found by withdrawing from a situation.

Judgement: A time to retreat and reflect. Circumstances are beyond your control. Remove yourself from negative situations.

Interpretation: Ta Kuo carries a warning that our current situation or obstacle has gone beyond our control. Sometimes the best course of action is to retreat and get away from such circumstances completely. This could mean ending a toxic relationship, or leaving a job which has become damaging to your wellbeing. In some cases, staying with your current course of action could lead to a small resolution, but in general Ta Kuo indicates the damage istoo great to overcome. There is nothing wrong with cutting our losses, even though endings can be painful. Spend time in self-compassion and reflectionin order to heal from this difficult situation.