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HENG (Constancy)

Elements: Thunder over Wind

Image: Thunder and swirling wind. Images of instability, movement and change.

Judgement: Themes of longevity and changeability are indicated. Self-acceptance and willingness to be flexible bring success.

Interpretation: Heng reminds us that the only constant in life is change. We can't force things to remain the same and trying to achieve thatwill only lead to stagnation and lack of growth. Sometimes we continue to repeat the same mistakes because we don't want to change our approach or mindset. Strength of character often comes from being willing to try new things and change the way we work. Are you repeating mistakes from thepast or refusing to make new plans because you fear change? Even if one strategy served you well in the past it doesn't mean that it's right for younow. We always meet obstacles and bumps in the road of life, however if you are coming up against the same ones over and over then a new wayof acting is needed. Focus on growth and renewal, and don't allow yourself to fall into old habits or complacency.