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SUNG (Conflict. Inability to communicate)

Elements: Heaven over Water

Image: Heaven and water move across the landscape in opposite ways. This indicates conflict. A time to be cautious.

Judgement: Although your efforts are sincere, you are facing obstacles to success. Take some time to re-evaluate your current situation. If you push forwards you may find the obstacles increase. Be cautious.

Interpretation: Sung means conflict. This can mean either conflict with others or within ourselves. Take time to examine who is causing conflictin your life, or if you have any unresolved issues you aren't facing. Sung urges us to seek the answers to our conflicts. Look inside to see whereyou may be contributing to arguments. Are you behaving self-righteously? Are you allowing your fears and confusion to cloud your judgement? When youknow yourself more deeply you can act to prevent conflicts from escalating.