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C’UN (Exhaustion)

Elements: Lake over Water

Image: No water in the lake. Image of Exhaustion. The wise man stakes his life on following his own will.

Judgement: Perseverance. Success. The great man will bring good fortune, without blame. When one says something, it will not be believed.

Interpretation: K’un comes when times are hard, being a reward for your behavior. This is a particularly dangerous period because you at risk to fall into depression or despair, regardless how much you yearn for success. This could happen at any time when issues are hard to be resolved. The hexagram recommends you that for future times you should be well prepared in advance. You have to realize that what is happening now is a temporary situation, so you need to treat it as a time for recuperation and rest. Take care of your body and mind, a positive attitude is an obligation. Your purpose and strength will return and your approach to life will be renewed.