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WEI CHI (Before Completion)

Elements: Fire over Water

Image: Fire gets water. Image of the state Before Completion. The wise man is very careful in the differentiation of things, so that each finds its right place.

Judgement: Success. If the little fox, after nearly completing the crossing, puts its tail inside the water, there will be nothing that would further.

Interpretation: Wei Chi is related to that short period of time just before the success. When the victory is on the horizon, it is easy to take it as finished thing and not focus on your goals. The end of a chapter in your life is coming, but you should know that this is a particularly dangerous moment when everything you achieved can fail because of your inattention. The hexagram is just like the old proverb, “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. Stay alert to dangers and keep focusing on the tasks. Only this way Wei Chi will mean a successful end.