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HSIEH (Deliverance)

Elements: Thunder over Water

Image: Thunder and rain in union Image of Deliverance. The wise man pardons his mistakes and forgives others’ misdeeds.

Judgement: The southwest furthers if there is no more a place one has to go, the return will bring good fortune. If there is still a place one has to go, the hastening will bring good fortune.

Interpretation: Hsieh is related to starting the progress. Last problems have left you in a weak state and a period of convalescence is needed. If the athlete twists his ankle on Monday, it will be a big mistake to run a marathon on Tuesday. Adapt to your new situation and make sure leave past grievances and issues. No matter if they were fault of others or self-inflicted – just let them go. Only after this, you will be able to take small steps towards the progress once more.