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MENG (Youthful Folly)

Elements: Mountain over Water

Image: A spring wells up at the base of a mountain, representing youthfulness. Lack of preparation can lead to folly.

Judgement: Meng indicates success through patience and willingness to learn. The young can be foolish. Seek wise counsel, but be prepared to learn for yourself.

Interpretation: The themes of youthful folly in Meng continue from the inexperience seen in hexagram 3, Chun. The spring represents new ideasflowing like a stream, which still has a long way to go before becoming a mighty river. When Meng appears, take time to study and be open to learningand growth. There is nothing wrong with not knowing something, so long as you seek to learn. Find those who will be mentors and teachers to help your new learning into its full expression. Approach your studies with a light heart and you will be rewarded with great knowledge.