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HSIAO KUO ( The Preponderance of the Small)

Elements: Thunder over Mountain

Image: Thunder on the mountain. Image of Preponderance of the Small. The wise man gives preponderance to reverence. In his expenditures he gives preponderance to thrift. In bereavement, he gives preponderance to grief.

Judgement: Success. Small things should be done, great things should not be done. A bird brings the message: It is not good to strive upward, it is good to remain below. Great fortune.

Interpretation: Hsiao Kuo comes when there is a need for you to avoid trying to attain a big success. You should rather focus on lots of smaller successes that will lead you to the great overall success. This hexagram is all about getting strength from the small aspects in your life. It is not an auspicious period for ambitious projects, which does not mean that a progress can’t be made. The progress is very possible, but only by taking small steps one after another.