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CH’IEN (Humility)

Elements: Earth over Mountain

Image: A Mountain rises from the earth. A time for assessing what truly matters in life.

Judgement: Reflection and modesty in attitude will lead to greater success. Do not demand more than you need.

Interpretation: Ch'ien relates to pride and humility. Sometimes we become too identified with material success or other achievements. Being proudof your hard work is natural, however Ch'ien warns not to become so proud you fall into arrogance. When we live with an arrogant attitude we become blindto the accomplishments of others, and to our own weaknesses. We also tend to put others down and make them feel lesser. If you find yourself slippinginto these mindsets take some time to reflect and regain your humility. Have compassion for others who may not have what you have, and remember we allhave different strengths and weaknesses.