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P’I (Stagnation)

Elements: Heaven over Earth

Image: Conflict between Heaven and earth. Obstacles and delays. A time to retreat and reflect.

Judgement: Stagnation and obstacles are indicated. Small obstructions and delays cloud the bigger picture. Be aware of thosewho will try to test your patience.

Interpretation: The P’I relates to a period of stagnation and delay. It highlights a certain fragility in life, indicating the foundations on which actions are built have become weak or unstable. This instability could lead to the downfall of plans or difficulties inrelationships. Be wary of those who attempt to gain power through arrogance and overuse of authority. Examine your values and ethics and noticeif there are any places where someone is trying to undermine them. Stay true to your goals and ideals, and do not allow yourself to be swayedby other people's negative opinions or desires.