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TS’UI (Gathering Together)

Elements: Lake over Earth

Image: A Lake flows over the earth. Images of Gathering Together are evoked.

Judgement: Success is found in togetherness and collaboration. We are stronger when we connect with those around us.

Interpretation: The I Ching often speaks about the power of the collective, and Ts'ui reminds us of the importance of collaboration. When youwork with others towards a common goal great things can be achieved. Remember that there will always be some people who don't share the same vision, orwho are uninterested in collective positivity. Some of these people can be toxic and prey on others. Make sure you are communicating and working withthose who have both yours and the groups interest at heart. If there is anyone trying to bring negativity into your life, or the groups you are involved with, take action to prevent them from trying to take advantage of you or others.