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TS’UI (Gathering Together)

Elements: Lake over Earth

Image: Lake over the earth. Image of Gathering Together. The wise man renews his weapons in order to successfully meet the unforeseen.

Judgement: Success. The king is approaching his temple. It suggests one to meet the great man. This leads to success. Perseverance furthers. Great offerings create good fortune. It furthers one to take an action.

Interpretation: I Ching often speaks about the power of the collective, which is what Ts’ui is related to. Great things can be achieved when everyone works for the common goal, but the hexagram reminds you that there is always someone who isn’t interested in common good. Ignorance and arrogance will make these people to prey on others. Ts’ui warns the leader to always be vigilant and make use of foresight in a case there is a situation where weaker aspects should be controlled.