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KUAN (Observation/Contemplation)

Elements: Wind over Earth

Image: The wind blows over the Earth. Themes of Contemplation and meditation are indicated. Balance between inner and outer worlds isshown by the passage of the wind over the landscape.

Judgement: A time for contemplation and observation, leading to a balancing of energies and focus.

Interpretation: Ku suggests that now is time for reflection and contemplation. Take time to focus on your inner world and the tasks you needto complete. However, don't be tempted to isolate yourself and focus on one area to the exclusion of others. Don't ignore friends and family andensure you are balancing your reflections with being social. Examine your world from different perspectives. Meditate on small details and your dreams, ideas and thoughts. In addition, take time to perceive others around you and how they interact. Wisdom comes from seeing the bigger picture, not just focusing onone small piece of it.