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KUAN (Observation/Contemplation)

Elements: Wind over Earth

Image: The wind is blowing over the Earth. Image of Contemplation. Thus, the old kings visited the regions of the world, observed the people and then gave them instructions.

Judgement: Observation/Contemplation. The ablution has been made, but not the offering. They look at him filled with trust.

Interpretation: Ku suggests you that it is always wise to watch out for difficulties, but one should avoid being detached from reality by doing this. When focused on the exclusion of everything, a danger appears for spirit to become underestimated. The perception may get distorted so to miss noticing the dangers. A meditative or other kind of isolation should be balanced by traveling out into the community. Looking at the world from distance and close up will assure you a precise assessment. If you don’t follow this advice, you will see only a piece of the whole picture.