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BO (Splitting apart)

Elements: Mountain over Earth

Image: The Mountain rises over the Earth. Endings and destruction. Remember generosity to those less fortunate.

Judgement: Endings and the splitting apart of things you may have held onto tightly.

Interpretation: When Po appears there are endings happening in your life. It might be the end of a relationship, or leaving a job or projectwhich you heavily invested in. Po reminds us that when something has ended then it has ended, no matter how hard we cling to it. Doing sois like trying to rebuild a crumbling building whose foundations have collapsed. Continuing to hold onto these aspects will only lead to further pain. It is always hard to give up on a situation or relationship which means a lot to us, but Po reminds us to learn how to let go of what no longer servesus. By clinging to the old you no longer make space for the new in your life. Po reminds us that the real disaster is not the ending itself, but the clinging to it and wasting time and energy which could be spent regaining balance and finding a new direction.