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Everything You Need to Know About "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne

The Scret Book

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Perhaps one of the most famous best selling self-help books of all time, The Secret, explores the tenants of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the ability to manifest hopes, desires, and success into our life by focusing our thoughts and emotions. The law of attraction doesn’t discriminate against age, sex, nationality, or religious affiliations and instead uses the power of our mind to manifest what we are thinking into reality.

All of our thoughts eventually turn into something regardless if they are positive or negative (and we’ll get to that in a bit). The law of attraction book explores what The Secret is, and how you can use it.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction was first believed to be taught to man by the immortal Buddha centuries ago. It's believed that the immortal Buddha intended to spread the concept of, “What you have become is what you have thought.” As the idea spread into Western culture, it later became synonymous with “karma” and the basic tenants can be found in religious teachings and manuscripts.

As the law of attraction has evolved the idea that what you put out into the world (love, anger, hate, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, etc) is what you will receive in the end. The law of attraction is simple and relatively straightforward, which is why it’s become so popular throughout time.

The Law of Attraction Book

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne explores the history, concept, and practice of utilizing the law of attraction.

The Secret, if practised with intention and gratitude, can provide love, wealth, health, whatever your heart’s desire. You can think of the law of attraction a bit like the law of gravity. If you throw a heavy object out of a window, it’s going to go down whether you want it to or not. The law of attraction is the same.

The law of attraction dictates that your thoughts can become your reality by taking intentional action and moving in the direction of these thoughts.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Whether you’ve realized it or not, every thought you’ve had throughout your life has brought you to this exact moment. Even reading this article is a result of your thoughts.

You can consider the law of attraction as a direct hotline to harness the power of the universe. Through this hotline, you can communicate what you want and the universe in return, answers by providing that which you desire.

This is true for positive emotions and thoughts including love, health, and wealth. But it’s also true for negative thoughts.

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Understand Negativity

The universe, with all its infinite power and wisdom, unfortunately, doesn’t understand the word “no” or the word “don’t or the idea of negative emotions or feelings. The law of attraction only understands the sentiment and the thought that you’re expressing.

So, for example, if you complain and obsess about what’s wrong in your life, the negative thoughts and emotions associated with these complaints will turn into more negative experiences.

For example, if you wake up and immediately stub your toe, you may think, “Ugh. I haven’t even had my coffee yet!” When you reach your kitchen, you may discover that the dishwasher leaked, or the dog puked all over the carpet. You may think, “This is already a terrible day, what’s next?!” On the way to work, you might spill the to-go cup of coffee you got at the cafe and think, “This is the worst day, and it’s not even 9 AM!”

Your day will likely continue to spiral into a series of adverse chain events with one bad experience leading to more negative thoughts. These negative thoughts will lead to more bad experiences. And the cycle continues usually until the following day (and in some cases continues).

To shift our mentality over what we’re not getting, and move into a space of receiving what we most desire, we need to tap into the power of authentic gratitude.

How to Raise the Frequency of Your Vibrations

Because The Secret and the law of attraction is all around us whether we are consciously aware of it, to tap into it requires intentional and meaningful focus.

When we stop complaining and obsessing over what is not working in our lives, we begin to raise our frequency and vibration within the universe. Instead, showing gratitude for what we have can align us to a higher frequency.

You have the power to create a perfect life with your thoughts. It’s your choice to move into a space that you can do so.

The Difference Between If and How Thinking and The Secret

There are two different ways to approach your thoughts in the law of attraction book: “If” thinking and “how” thinking.

“If” thinking presents doubt and leaves the universe to question our motives. Phrases like “I wonder if I could afford this car,” or “If I can lose ten pounds, I could fit into that dress I really want.”

Contrary to this, “how” thinking is solution and action-based. The solution to how you will accomplish this vision is where your thoughts will focus and eventually, is how you will manifest this desire.

Whatever you think, regardless if it is negative or positive the energy of that thought is almost immediately attracted to you. And over time, as you continue to think these thoughts, these thoughts bring your intended vision into full fruition.

To change what you want, you have to change what you attract and to change what you attract requires changing your thoughts.

In the example above, the phrasing may then be “How am I going to lose ten pounds so I can buy that dress” or “How can I pay for this car that I really want.”

The Core Principles of the Law of Attraction Book

There are three primary principles you can use to make the law of attraction work for you.

  1. Ask for What You Want
  2. To manifest what you most desire, you must first become clear on exactly what you want from your life moving forward. Make your vision clear and specific (the more specific, the better). Carve out time to sit down and write what you want. You can create a vision board for this as well that includes pictures, images, words, and ideas representing your future aspirations.

    Think about the specific details you see in this future version of your life. Who surrounds you? What are you wearing? What are the people in your life wearing? Where are you exactly? Write them out or use pictures in your vision board to represent them.

    The more specific you can be, the better. The universe tends to reward specificity.

  3. Believe That What You Want is Already Yours
  4. In order for the law of attraction to work, you must believe that what you desire is already yours and live, think, and act accordingly.

    This aspect of The Secret can sometimes feel uncomfortable and difficult. It may be challenging to visualize your life as a millionaire if you cannot pay your rent and have no idea what your next meal will be.

    But this is an essential element because for the universe to provide, the law of attraction requires that the person asking believe they deserve what is coming.

    If the idea of belief seems foreign consider how you receive items you buy online.

    When we order something online, we know with certainty that it will arrive at our home within a few days. Believing in the law of attraction is similar. We can place an order, so to say, with the universe, and expect that in due time what we’ve requested will arrive. In fact, it’s likely already on it’s way to us.

    You must believe without a shadow of a doubt that what you desire is coming to you. Visualizing what you may say or do when you finally achieve your vision will help raise your vibration within the universe and connect deeply to The Secret.

    This belief creates an open mindset. And this openminded-ness makes you more likely to recognize opportunities that already exist which you may have previously overlooked.

    As an example, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may visualize yourself ten pounds lighter. Imagine yourself in your mind's eye in a smaller size, feeling strong and healthy. When we see our vision this clearly, it helps the universe know that you mean business and that it’s time to get to work.

    Once you’ve become firm about your vision, you may suddenly hear from an old friend who has just begun a weight loss program and wants to know if you’d like to join them. Or notice that a local gym is running a new member special.

    By eliminating doubt in our mind, we’re able to see more opportunities and more opportunities present themselves in kind.

  5. Be Ready to Receive What the Universe Provides
  6. When you believe that you have already received what you envision for yourself, you align with a frequency of the universe. This alignment opens up pathways to opportunities that will bring what you desire into reality.

    And when something happens, that sets you onto the path that is closer to your dream, receive it with grace and gratitude. Much like belief, the act of graciously receiving what you've asked for opens you up to a higher frequency.

    A rather fun example of this is the act of finding a perfect parking spot and is a beautiful way to test the power of the law of attraction.

    The next time you are driving somewhere,

    • Ask the universe for the perfect parking spot. Visualize that it will be there when you arrive.
    • You must believe that the perfect parking spot is waiting for you at your destination. You must imagine that someone will either move their car right as you arrive or that it’s sitting open waiting for you to park.
    • When you arrive, and the perfect spot is available, receive it with the gratitude of a child receiving a much desired gift.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work, Exactly?

Changing your frequency to attune to a higher version of yourself can feel uncomfortable. This isn’t easy work. It isn’t merely thinking about something, and then magically, it appears. It may require reaching beyond your comfort level to be open to opportunity, be ready to learn and grow, and set yourself on a path to your goals.

If you already had what you most desire, you wouldn’t need The Secret.

And to achieve something that has, until this point, alluded you, may require significant change both in your state of mind and in your actions. For you to achieve growth, you must be willing to push the limits of what has thus far kept you safe and comfortable.

If your goal is to lose ten pounds, taking risks may mean investing in a personal trainer, eating a restrictive diet, or attending an exercise boot camp. It will ultimately mean dedicating time and energy to change your health. By using the law of attraction, the exact right people, tools, and steps you need to take will find their way to you so that you can make progress toward your vision.

Your thinking and your actions must change to align to your vision and achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, many of us are blind to our highest potential that often remains locked inside, keeping us safe and stagnant. It’s sometimes easier to keep our emotions and thoughts unchecked and untethered by change and growth. But when we employ the teachings of the law of attraction book, we can move forward to begin to reach our highest potential.

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