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repeating numbers in numerology

The vast majority of people are taught growing up that numbers are just numbers. They’re used for tracking payments, dates, chronological age, and other mundane things. However, if you’re like many others who have encountered repeating number sequences throughout life, your intuition has likely cued you in on the fact that there is more to numbers than what society has lead us to believe.

Repeating number sequences are sometimes referred to as master numbers by numerologists and spiritual practitioners that study this phenomenon. This phrase stems from the belief that ascended masters and other helping spirits use them as a way to communicate with us. One of the most commonly encountered master numbers is 1111. Number sequences such as this have a way of capturing our attention and opening us up to the rich world of symbolism that exists around us in our environments at all times.

If you’ve found yourself being haunted by the same repeating numbers every time you look at the clock, or if you’ve routinely been running into the same number sequence in random places throughout the day, you might be wondering if you’re crazy, but rest assured that you are not.

Everyday people continue to become more aware of the power behind these number sequences. In this article, we will fill you in on some of the most commonly encountered repeating numbers and their symbolic meanings according to the principals of numerology.

Multiples of One

If you have regularly encountered the number 11, 111 or 1111, you’re not alone. When it comes to repeating numbers, sequences that contain 1’s are some of the most common. When we dig into the numerological significance of the number 1, you’ll see why sequences that contain this number are so prevalent in this day and age.

The number 11 is considered to be the first of the master number sequences. It commonly appears when people first begin to experience significant shifts and transformational periods. It is the universes way of letting you know that the changes that you are making are moving you forward on your journey and will lead to profound healing if you see them through.

The world as a whole is experiencing drastic shifts at this time, and more and more people are being reminded of this every day when they run into sequences that contain repeating 1’s and begin to research its symbolism.

It is spirits way of making it known that growth, expansion, and healing are incredibly important at this time — not only on a personal level but a collective level. As society continues to shift and change the number of people who experience synchronicities in the form of repeating number sequences will continue to grow.

repeating number 1111 on alarm clock

The number 1111 repeating on an alarm clock

The Number One is Symbolic of New Beginnings

The number one encompasses the energy of strength, courage, and a willingness to see things through. It is symbolic of the first practical steps that we take when entering a new path. It is all about working with your inner and outer resources to create the changes that you wish to see.

If you have been encountering sequences that contain the number 1, you may want to consider spending some time learning about The Magician archetype. The Magician is the first card of the Tarots Major Arcana. Studying this Tarot card will give you practical insight into how you can work with the energy of 1 in your day to day life.

If You Regularly Encounter 111

If You Regularly Encounter 1111 or 11:11

Multiples of Two

Sequences that contain repeatings 2’s, such as 22 and 222, are another common phenomenon. If the number two has been popping up on the regular, particularly in multiples, there is likely a message in it for you.

The number two is believed to harness feminine energy. Its energy is nurturing, harmonious, and works to remind us of the need for collaboration. The number two is not possible without first having the number one. It is the number of teamwork and is indicative of the balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the universe.

If you have been encountering repeating twos, be on the lookout for opportunities to join group efforts. This number is often a sign from the spirit world that you can accomplish significantly more and make great strides towards your goals by taking the time to connect with others.

Two is the Number of Instinct

The number two also points to a time of inner knowing, deep intuition, and psychic perception. If you have been picking up on information about how you should move forward with a plan, it would be wise to listen to your inner voice about the situation at hand.

The High Priestess card in the Tarots Major Arcana directly corresponds with the number two. This is a great card to study if you have been having continuous encounters with this number. The High Priestess card gives valuable insight into how the vibration of two can manifest and be worked with in day to day life.

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 22

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 222

Multiples of Three

If you encounter number sequences that contain repeating 3’s, such as 33 or 333 you are likely heading into a period of your life that will be enriching and fulfilling. Three is the number of creative expression. It represents the positive changes that occur when allowing your inner creative energies to flow out into the world. The number three also represents communication and how we use our energy when dealing with external circumstances.

This number gently encourages us to get in touch with our inner childlike wonder and curiosity. It reinvigorates our relationship to life and reminds us to appreciate the little things.

The energy of three is playful and indicates a time where you may need to take a break from situations that have become burdensome or that leave you feeling drained. Three is a sign from the universe that rooting yourself into the aspects of life that bring you joy may improve your ability to manifest and may put you into deeper alignment with your life purpose.

Three is the Number of Birthing New Ideas

The number three corresponds to the Empress card in the Tarots Major Arcana. If you regularly run into repeating 3’s, studying the Empress archetype may be of great assistance for helping you to understand the practical components of this number. The Empress card encompasses valuable insight for working with the creative vibrations of the number 3 and using them to your advantage.

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 33

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 333

Multiples of Four

The number four is all about stability. It represents security, practicality, and laying solid foundations for future endeavors. If you have been seeing the number 44 or the number 444, the universe may be preparing you for the start of a new project or life phase.

If you have been feeling insecure, the number four is likely being placed along your path by the universe as a way to provide you with reassurance and encouragement. It is common to see repeating number sequences that contain 4 when opportunities for a greater sense of stability are getting ready to manifest into your life. If you've been on the hunt for a new job, the number four comes with the message to keep looking and to not let prior setbacks lead to discouragement.

The number four also governs the realm of relationships. This may apply to co-workers, romantic partnerships, or family members. If you have been having issues in your relationships with others, the number four may be signaling to you that an opportunity to restore balance in your interactions with others is on its way.

Repeating 4's may also be warning you of a need to adopt habits that help with staying grounded. Staying grounded is crucial when attempting to manifest opportunities and for maintaining a sense of stability. If you are struggling with remaining grounded, you may benefit from small, simple routines such as dedicated meditation or reading time each day. The number four reminds us that even a little structure can go a long way when it comes to surviving life's turbulence.

Four is the Number of Building a Personal Empire

Whether it be big or small, we all build empires for ourselves in some way, shape, or form. When we make choices that support our stability and make the most out of the opportunities that present themselves, we are tapping into our inner Emperor energy.

If you are encountering repeating 4's regularly, you may gain valuable insight by studying the Emperor card in the Tarots Major Arcana. This tarot card directly corresponds to the number four, and it is filled with practical advice for working with the energies of the number four in a grounded, practical way.

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 44

If You Regularly Encounter the Number 444

Other Numbers are Also of Significance

The repeating number sequences that are covered here are some of the most common. However, many other repeating number sequences are also rich with symbolic meaning. The world of numerology is vast and complex, and if you are regularly encountering repeating numbers that are not covered in this article, you should be sure to dig into the symbolism surrounding those numbers. There will likely be a message waiting for you in the research.

One great place to start is with the Tarots Major Arcana. All of the Major Arcana cards and archetypes correspond with numbers, and the cards almost always offer more in-depth insight into the symbolism and energy contained within the cards corresponding number. Tarot cards are also great for gaining practical insight into how the energy from a number may be presenting itself in your day to day life.

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