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Seven of Swords

The Fool Tarot Card

On this card, a man is stealing five of the seven swords. It implies that you must protect yourself against robbery and theft. It doesn't have to be anything physical; it might be an idea or credit for something you've previously accomplished.

You should be cautious, especially if someone is attempting to get information from you. Keep a close eye on the things you value and try to safeguard them as much as possible.

The Seven of Swords is another card that suggests unknown opponents, thievery, or treachery. It also signifies that your dissatisfaction stems from a single source. This is both a good and a bad thing, since you may be able to identify the source and alter your circumstances, but it also means that the source may be aware of you and purposefully undermining your efforts. Approach this issue with care, since the path to your victory lies in deception rather than direct confrontation. Instead of confronting the challenges you face, look for methods to get around them.

Many of us have ran away as children; for some, it's practically a rite of passage. Those who have previously run away from home may recall how the planning phases went. “Do I have any money?” Is there anything I can eat? What will I do now? “How am I going to sleep?” Most kids would return after a few hours or a night out in a field, but others would stay away forever. When we fled, however, we were giddy with delight at the realisation that we had “gotten away with it” - no one had seen us, and we were now carrying out a plan that our parents had disapproved of. The act of "getting away with it" has a hidden delight, and the Seven of Swords symbolises both the deed and the pleasure.

Visually, this card illustrates a valley surrounded by additional hilly terrain, with an assortment of colourful tents in the backdrop and a group of people gathered around a fire to the side. The tents resemble those used by a touring circus. In the front, we observe a guy with five swords in his hands, gleefully gazing backwards towards the tents. He seems to have gathered whatever he can and is currently fleeing the scene.

This card's primary topic is that of behaving unfairly. It relates to an activity that you or someone else may have carried out, and they are currently leaving the crime scene. We all do naughty things now and again, and we usually get away with it - this card doesn't hide that fact, and neither should you. This card urges you to confront whatever wrongdoing you or others around you may have committed, and to consider what you can do right now to level the playing field and make amends.

Make Sure Your Success Doesn't Cost Others

The idea (and pleasure) of "getting away with it" is a secondary motif of the card. You may experience the satisfaction of a "job well done" as you drive the van away from a large robbery. This sensation does not suggest that you have done something fundamentally wrong; rather, it indicates that you have followed through on a project, even if your success has a cost for others. If this sounds familiar to you, think about what you can do to make things right.

Finally, this card may indicate that you or someone close to you is now craving solitude. The guy in the photograph may just be fleeing the throng for some alone time; who knows, the swords may be all he has, or they may belong to others, but he saw fit to grab them for survival reasons. He's fleeing for the hills because the folks on the hill are no longer the sort of people he wants to spend his days with. When you're in a bad position, it's sometimes essential to behave unfairly in order to get out of it or protect yourself.

When you see the Seven of Swords, ask yourself the following questions. What have you been up to lately that you've been attempting to get away with? Do you have someone in your life who have gotten away with? Have you ever attempted a hazardous activity and failed miserably - what lessons did you learn from that? Do you feel as though you've just left a bad circumstance or environment? What will you do with what you've learned?

What Seven of Swords Means for You Today

The Seven of Swords is a potent reminder of the importance of perception. Drawing this card today may indicate that someone close to you is trying to deceive you or take something from you. This may not be something material or of financial value, but could be as simple as stolen trust. You may have suspected this for a while or only now are beginning to connect the dots. The important message this card holds for you is to remember to use your wits and intelligence to reveal the truth. It may not be as simple as confronting this person, as they may already anticipate this move and be prepared for it. Instead, you must think of a smart way to bring their actions to light.