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Your Daily Reading:

The Chariot

The Fool Tarot Card

When you draw the Chariot, you've got a lot of work ahead of you. The work you’re doing will most likely to difficult and lengthy; you will need all of your powers of focus and concentration in the days and weeks ahead. Rough routes, lengthy uphill slopes, dead ends, and painful setbacks are all possibilities. Your victory is only guaranteed if you do not lose hope: this difficult path will instil in you a strong sense of purpose and will require determination. You can overcome your opponents through organisation, willpower and endurance. The Chariot reassures you that few can stand in your way if your determination is properly harnessed.

You may have to battle for what you need, according to the Chariot. It conjures up images of a fight and a hard-won victory over your adversaries, as well as over your own flaws.

If you feel that your life is currently swirling out of control, the Chariot is a welcome sight, as it indicates that you will soon re-take the reins, so to speak; you will soon be back in control of your own destiny.

On the face of the Chariot card, we see a man wearing armor, seated on a chariot, with a canopy of stars above him. His chariot is drawn by one black sphinx and one white sphinx. Each sphinx most likely wants to pull in a different direction – his mastery over his route therefore represents his ability to handle competing and conflicting demands and priorities, against the odds.

A Well-Deserved Victory

Often, the Chariot card denotes triumph. This triumph took a lot of effort and courage to achieve. The chariot driver has spent time training his animals and is now able to bask in the glory of a well-fought victory. Through the skill of the charioteer, the black sphinx and white sphinx have somehow been brought together to work towards a common purpose, despite their own opposing wishes.

This card may also be communicating with you about your ego. We frequently hear ego described as a bad characteristic, but this is only true if it is overused. A balanced ego is one that is healthy. To attain the kind of triumph that the Chariot symbolises, you must be able to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and master your mind and body. This kind of triumph is only possible if you think you can do it... which means you need a healthy, balanced ego.

Of course, a chariot driver will not be able to calm his wild, untamed horses until he asserts himself! This card may be advising you that you must do just that.

When the Chariot card appears, ask yourself these questions. Where should I make my presence felt? Do I consider myself to be a self-assured individual? What are the competing forces in my life that I need to balance? Is it possible for these components to operate together?

What The Chariot Means for You Today

You will need to keep your wits about you today. Drawing the Chariot means that multiple, competing demand and priorities are crowding your mind, so determining a clear path ahead today isn’t easy. Start by working out what you most need to accomplish right now – and remember that ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ are not necessarily the same thing. Eliminate some distractions if you can, so that you can better focus on your immediate priority.

The Chariot reassures you that you can do this, but you may need to assert your authority over others who try to stand in your way. Be firm in your direction of travel and know that the universe has your back. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.