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Bank Account

Often representing a new opportunity and success, the King of Wands can mean it’s time to open a new bank account to secure your finances and bring about prosperity. If you need an online checking account or one for your personal savings, check out the accounts from Chase, Bank of America, or a local credit union. Many of them offer convenient mobile banking apps that make banking far easier and more affordable than in the past. The main difference is just the price and convenience of how close the local branch is to you.

If you just need an online account, you can save quite a bit of money with an online-only account, but I prefer the flexibility that comes with having a real branch. Many banks allow you to open online, which makes the service fast and easy! Whether you are looking for a personal or business bank account, make sure to read the fine print to avoid hidden fees that are common with certain banks.

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King of Wands

The Fool Tarot Card

The King of Wands is a powerfully assertive card and indicates new opportunities and success is on the horizon for you if you are ready to work hard. This card represents someone who is very inspired to start something new, such as a new business, career or professional path. This could also be related to an upcoming major trip. He's made the decision to change things up and to work toward unseating the old and assuming a new image. He could also be interested in pursuing a career in politics or another profession where his leadership can shine. He like's to be in charge and knows what he wants.

Whenever he enters a room, he exudes charm, brilliant ideas, enthusiasm, and good humor. He is the type of person that everyone wants to listen to, a powerful motivation speaker, and even perhaps a religious leader. Someone with charisma and passion. His need for adventure, challenges, and the thrill of risk drives him. In a work environment, other colleagues respect because of his ability to turn even the worst situations around. Indeed, many employees will go over and above to ensure that he is satisfied with their performance.

The King of Wands might also indicate a wave of financial abundance in the horizon for you. The energy contained within this card suggests that you should boldly pursue any business or creative ideas you have. It can also be associated with a male authoritative figure, such as a commander or arbiter. You could need help resolving a conflict, so search for someone charming (or tap into your own charisma!). Be willing to listen to the advise of people who have more experience than you.

The King of Wands is richly decorated in a variety of hues, ranging from traditional yellows, reds, and oranges to beautiful greens and whites. Flames appear to be erupting from the top of his crown. His throne has no arm rests because he doesn't appear to require them and prefers to be ready to rise at any moment. In one hand, the monarch wields a huge wand/staff, while the other is vacant. His gaze is forward, as if he had noticed something approaching and is ready to act. This active king's feet have a tiny lizard sitting beside them.

The King differs from Wand court cards in one significant aspect: instead of merely feeling enthusiastic and excited, he motivates others to feel the same way. The King has a strong, forceful presence that is difficult to ignore. When this King enters a room, you know it. A natural born problem-solver, when faced with a difficulty or setback, he likes to take the lead and will always come up with an innovative idea or solution. You can almost see him as a high-roller at a casino, with a lady on each arm, striding in with swagger and confidence, placing his bets and always winning.

Share Your Gifts and Inspire Others

This card might be urging you to not just be inspired, but also to not be scared to inspire others. On a personal level, you may possess courage and boldness, but when you draw the King of Wands, you are being asked to call upon those powerful traits to be put to good use in the outside world - to use your talents and abilities to positively impact others.

When you draw the King of Wands, consider the following questions: Is there someone in your life who this card represents? If so, who is it? What message are they attempting to convey to you? Do you think you could use some of the qualities of the King of Wands in your life? Should you concentrate more on using your personal power to influence others? Are you able to motivate others? And if so, what steps should you take to start?

What King of Wands Means for You Today

The King of Wands is here to provide you with courage, boldness and confidence. Importantly, it’s also urging you to use these qualities to improve the lives of others, especially your family. By drawing this card today, your subconscious mind is telling you that you are ready to tackle a specific problem head on that has been impacting you or your loved ones lately. Use your talents to help those in need. When you put your mind to it, you really are an innovative problem solver with a tenacious spirit. You don’t give up easily and The King of Wands is a powerful reminder never to forget that.