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Business Phone

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Your Daily Reading:

King of Pentacles

The Fool Tarot Card

Here is a man who is driven to start a new business or to working hard to build something from the ground up. He'll save money and work diligently to restore and improve his health. He may be a civil servant, manager, farmer, or technician, and is typically satisfied with his achievements so far in life. Everything he's done has been focused on bringing himself to this point.

Staying in control is second nature to the King of Pentacles, and he can be trusted. Everything he works on turns out to be a success, developing gradually and generating much. He is extremely cautious about the opportunities and risks he takes, and he avoids chance wherever possible. As a consequence, he has a negative attitude toward change and innovation.

The King of Pentacles represents mature and reliable characteristics. It symbolizes dependability and discipline. This card is associated with prosperity and prestige, and the person it represents is likely conservative. While the Kings may relate to your personal qualities, they usually represent other individuals in your life who can help you. You may expect this individual to respect intelligence and prudence, and if it symbolises a specific event, it might be an economic windfall or a promotion.

The King of Pentacles card is a work of art - it's one of the most ornately designed cards in the whole tarot deck. The king is not just seated in the midst of a garden, but he is the garden himself! Or at least that's what his attire would lead you to think. His garments are adorned with grapes. Bull heads adorn the stone throne, one on each arm and one on each corner of the back rest, evoking the Charging Bull on Wall Street. He holds a sceptre in one hand and a coin in the other, and he closes his eyes to feel the ground under his feet.

The King of Pentacles is difficult to overlook - if they are in your life, you are likely to recognise them since they are hard to forget. This king is informed, responsible, and capable; you may be certain that he is an expert in his area, and almost an expert in whatever he "dabbles" in. He is very reliable and, if at all possible, never disappoints anyone. He encourages people to pursue their goals and attempts to assist them in visualising how they may make their dreams a reality. He offers a solid foundation on which to create a family, since he is steady and constantly supportive of others (as long as they believe in themselves). Above all, the King is an outward expression of the Pentacles suite, seeking to assist people in his life in realising their physical ambitions, desires, and objectives.

Support the Goals of People You Care About

The King is pleading with you to take on his position, or at the absolute least, to listen to his counsel. Be supportive of others' goals and ideas, as well as your own. Never purposefully unbalance people; instead, strive to keep them grounded, prepared, and realistic in all situations. Assume responsibility when it is yours to bear, and avoid dropping the ball if at all possible. Above all, strive to assist others around you in seeing how they may put their thoughts, feelings, and desires into the world so that we can all benefit from them.

You should ask yourself a few questions before engaging the King of Pentacles. Is the King a symbol for someone in your life? If so, who is it? What lessons do they have for you to learn? If not, what aspects of the King's character should you strive to emulate in your own life? Reliability? Stability? Compassion and concern for others' needs? Consider assisting others, including yourself. How can you incorporate these elements into your everyday routine?

What King of Pentacles Means for You Today

The King of Pentacles has appeared today to ask you what parts of life require discipline and determination to see through? Each of us has moments in our lives where we are challenged, where hard work is necessary, even if it’s unpleasant. Because this card is so closely associated with prosperity, this hard work will pay off. Allow the King to help you find the strength within to accomplish everything you need to and you will be rewarded. Don’t believe you have to do everything entirely on your own, however, because the King of Pentacles also represents compassion and teamwork. There are other people in your life who care for you, who may be able to offer a helping hand.