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Your Daily Reading:

The Hermit

The Fool Tarot Card

The Hermit card depicts an elderly monk facing a desolate landscape, holding a light and leaning on his staff for support. The Hermit has dealt with every aspect of life, including hatred, love, conflicts, compromise, success, and failure. He needs to take a break to re-energize. He can handle anything life throws at him, but he still needs to step back and gain some perspective from time to time

It's time for contemplation and reflection. You may mingle later, but for now, take stock and appreciate the peace that comes with isolation. There may be some irritation or dissatisfaction along the way, but in the end, clarity and light will be achieved. It is time to fuel the fires of your lantern and shine your inner light for all to see.

There are moments in everyone's lives when they must take a step back and examine their circumstances and choices with reflection. The presence of the Hermit in your spread indicates that now is such a moment for you. You need a time of isolation and deep contemplation apart from the present pressures of your job or daily life. This retreat may take the form of a physical retreat or an inward quest.

The card is extremely plain in appearance; its goal is not to mesmerize you with its beauty, trying to figure out what it means but to encourage you to search for that meaning inside yourself. On the card, the bearded man is clothed in grey robes with his head down and his eyes closed. He is standing on a tiny ledge of rock that seems to be the summit of a mountain. In one hand, he wields a long staff, while in the other he wields a lighted lamp. He flashes a light but doesn't seem to be looking around. Instead, he focuses on the light that he shines.

When you see this card, you know that you either need this period of introspection or that you are already in it. There are certain questions that only you can answer, and the only way to discover those answers is to go inside yourself. Looking within with a still mind can lead to flashes of insight that both shock and surprise you.

Don't Be Afraid To Go It Alone

The Hermit is a seeker; he wants to know, experience, and comprehend all that exists inside him. This card may indicate that you are looking for deeper knowledge. You want to take this new road because, although you don't know what awaits you on the other side, you know you'll be better off for it.

If the Hermit card appears in your readings, it may be a sign that you want some genuine alone time. We all need this now and again, and it's a good habit to check in with yourself to see when you'll need to be alone. Some things can be difficult to learn when you are distracted by having to interact with other people.

When you encounter the Hermit in your readings, ask yourself the following questions: Would you benefit from some reflection right now? What exactly are you looking for? What are the questions that must be answered? Are you able to answer these questions by searching within yourself? Would you benefit from some time alone? How can you approach this reflection in a positive, healthy manner?

What The Hermit Means for You Today

The Hermit has appeared in your life today to advise you to listen to your heart and, if necessary, take some time to yourself. We live in a busy world and modern society does not always leave a lot of room for deep introspection. If we want to live a happy and balanced life, we have to work to understand the inner workings of our own hearts and minds. There could be some underlying, or even repressed, emotions that need your attention. The Hermit did not become wise simply from reading books, but by taking the time to understand himself on the deepest levels. There is a light within you that can guide you along your path - Take some time to strip away the thoughts and feelings that are obscuring your clarity. Meditation will help you today.