Tip of the day:

Conference Call

The Magician uses his abilities to connect with all aspects of nature, as if he were on an endless conference call with the spirits of the elements. Communication and networking are his greatest powers. Much like when using services like Webex, skype, Zoom or other audio or visual conference platforms, it is important to understand the people you are talking to so you can meet with them on a personal level and you can have the best conference call possible.

Conference calls can sometimes be long and stressful and the tone of your voice and clarity of your speech are important. Whether its a video conference, you are screen sharing with several people, or on a telephone conference, be like the magician and relax your mind before you begin.

Your Daily Reading:

The Magician

The Fool Tarot Card

On this card a magician holds his arm aloft, surrounded by his tools of the trade and an infinity sign over his head, implying that the possibilities are limitless. As he summons the powers of nature, the competent and self-assured Magician enchants everything around him. It's as though the Magician had spoken the future into being. All of the possible consequences are spelled out for him, as well as the many paths he may follow. You can create anything or accomplish anything within your life if you can tap into the Magician's resources. The Magician is all about putting ideas into context, which is the first step in turning them into reality.

The word "magician" conjures up images of witty dialogue and practical ability. His appearance in your spread denotes a degree of self-assurance and ingenuity that enables you to put your thoughts into action. The insights brought by this card are best used to the pragmatic and concrete elements of your life, rather than the ephemeral or theoretical. Your ability to succeed in future political or commercial endeavours will most likely be determined by your own willpower and drive.

A man in a modest but royal gown stands on the face of the Magician card, he has every tool from each of the suites on a table in front of him, including a cup, a pentacle, a sword, and a staff (for the wands suite). With Beautiful blossoming roses and daffodils surrounding him, both above and below, the magician has a joyful resolve on his face. He's ready to do what has to be done and he's glad to know that he is capable of accomlplishing his goals.

The Magician card is about that magical moment when all you have to do is perform. When it seems like the world is conspiring to get you to this point, there's nothing left for you to do except act. Everything is ready, whether it was prepared for you or you prepared it yourself. All that's left is for you to perform the spell. This emotion has a power to it, a genuine and true power that may flow through you and make you feel invigorated and alive.

Everything Begins in the Mind

We frequently dread labor in our contemporary culture since it is linked with stress, uncertainty, and fatigue. The Magician is telling you that the job ahead of you doesn't have to be difficult. Work may be as fluid and powerful as, well, magic. We also have a tendency to live in the dark: many of our days pass us by undetected, and we go to bed wondering what we accomplished that day. The Magician urges you to be aware of the job that has to be completed. If you haven't made the necessary preparations for your job, the Magician is implying that you must meticulously lay out all of your plans before proceeding.

It's time to ask yourself some questions when you encounter the Magician in your readings. What are you working on at the moment? What tools do you use? Are they put together? Do you have a sense of balance? Goal-driven? Are you sure you understand what you're getting yourself into? Is it possible for you to allow yourself to feel powerful and strong, or are such emotions something you'd rather avoid?

What The Magician Means for You Today

The Magician has appeared today to remind you that not all is as it seems. While we tend to think of life as a random and mechanical process, the magician knows that all of nature is intelligent. Magic is about more than casting spells to make life easier, it is a way to connect with the fundamental aspects of our being and remember our position as a part of nature ourselves. A true magician trusts in the will of the universe and works along with the flow of events, rather than against them. Today, ask yourself 'Where am I trying to force things in my life?' or 'where am I lacking faith that the universe is on my side'? It is time to tap into your true source of power act with the full force of the universe pushing you from behind.