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Disney Vacation

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Your Daily Reading:

Seven of Wands

The Fool Tarot Card

A man is encircled by six wands while defending himself with the seventh. He is responding to an assault and believes that the odds are stacked against him. It implies that you must now protect your achievements.

It's possible that what you're doing and what you believe you should be doing are at odds. People who have previously given you assistance have become inconsistent. This indicates that you made errors and that someone else might strengthen your work. It may be time for you to retire. As you fight to keep control, you discover that, no matter how powerful your opponents seem to be, they are unprepared for your resistance, allowing you to overcome them and reclaim your position.

You likely possess tremendous fortitude and the strength to confront your difficulties and persevere through tough times. You may not be aware that you possess these characteristics, but you will soon discover that you do. Expect rivalry and disputes, some of which may be minor but are more likely to be major. It's impossible to predict where they'll appear, but there's little question you'll be able to defeat them.

For a long time, some of us have felt compelled to go on the defensive. Some people have lived their whole lives on watch, waiting for the next crisis to strike. These assaults often come from people we love the most - harsh judgements, limiting expectations, and limited views have all been heaped onto us. You've been fighting off these assaults for long enough, says the Seven of Wands, and now it's time to strike back!

On the Seven of Wands, we see a young man standing on a rocky hill, defending himself with a wand. Six more wands are aimed at him. From our vantage position, we can't identify particular opponents; for all we know, these wands might just be poking out of the ground, unattended. The guy, on the other hand, is well prepared to defend himself against these assaults, brandishing his wand/staff to ward off the intruders. He could not only protect himself, but he could also successfully push back from his position.

This card depicts a situation in which you are forced to defend yourself. This card may indicate that you are presently utilising your own creative energy to defend yourself from outside assaults. This may be very suffocating - it's difficult to go out and accomplish something productive if you're always fending off impending attacks. The man on the card has very little hope of escaping since wands are blocking his way wherever he turns. He only has two choices: turn around and go back the way he came, or fight force with force.

Remember to Stand Up For Yourself

The second meaning of this card, as you would expect, is retaliation. The man has an angry expression on his face, as though he doesn't think it's fair that he's being assaulted. In the picture, he may very well be pushing off his attackers, which would be both a blocking and shoving move. This does not mean physical retlation but also emotional responses and push back. Consider your present place in your battle when you encounter this card in your readings. Have you felt like you have had to defend yourself lately? Dealing with stress from your personal life, work or family? Is it time for you to stand up for yourself? The card could also be implying that your own aggressive attitude has kept the punches coming - if your first response to a personal attack is to push back, you should switch to a disengagement strategy. Sometimes standing up for yourself means standing down.

When you see the Seven of Wands, ask yourself these questions. What challenges do you face on a daily basis? Have you been enduring assaults for far too long? Isn't it past time you took a stand for yourself? Is it possible that your own violent behaviour is causing these attacks? How can you strike a balance? What can you do to halt the blows?

What Seven of Wands Means for You Today

You are feeling under pressure lately with family matters or work stressing you out more than usual. Normally, you have taken the passive approach – the path of least resistance – to try to maintain harmony by not pushing back. But the Seven of Wands was drawn today to remind you of the importance of standing up for yourself. While you normally pay little attention to what others think of you, today you may want to set things straight. If you are feeling taken advantage of, or unappreciated, tell people how you feel. Be proud of who you are, be respectful, and let others know that your normally calm demeanour is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.