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Your Daily Reading:

The Hanged-Man

The Fool Tarot Card

A happy and content man swings from a branch, his bent leg creating an inverted four. From his inverted perspective, the universe has shifted, enabling him to straddle the spiritual and physical worlds, ready to see both. When you draw The Hanged Man, you too are at a point of shifting perpsectives -- a crossroads in your life when you must understand what you know, need and desire. The card indicates that it's time to let go and submit to what's going on. True knowledge requires patience and thought.

The Hanged Man may be viewed in several different ways. All change is a tiny kind of death, as the old must die to make room for the new, and it may simply suggest a period of upheaval or change in your future, maybe beyond your control, but more likely a choice that you will not be able to reverse, for better or worse. The second meaning is one of sacrifice, but it is unclear whether this sacrifice is little or large. Both meanings suggest permanence and change, as well as the need for patience and restraint. The choices you make in your life should be carefully considered.

Many people are familiar with the Christian cross and what it represents. Before dying, Jesus was tortured and hanged on a cross, when he said the words "Father, into your hands I surrender my spirit." With one statement, Jesus sent a message of trust, release, and acceptance to the world. With this acceptance, he ascended to a higher level of comprehension and existence. He not only learned from his time on the cross, where a man is supposed to die and suffer, but he also improved as a result of it. He took his own predicament and turned it around. This is the Hanged Man's lesson.

On this card, a man is shown hanging upside-down from a tree by one foot. He's dressed simply in a blue sweater, red tights, and yellow shoes, as though he's a peasant. A rope is wrapped around his ankle and his foot is fastened to the tree. The majority of individuals in this situation would be struggling or at the very least angry - yet the man's expression is one of calm understanding. He has a halo around his head, indicating that he has been touched by the divine.

Acceptance is the first lesson to be learned from the Hanged Man. He shows no signs of struggle, grief, or even being dissatisfied. He seems to have accepted his destiny. He not only hangs from the tree, but he also seems to have learned something significant and strong from it.

When the Master Does Nothing, There is Nothing That Goes Undone

The Hanged Man's theme is one of power through sacrifice. He has acquired a new sort of strength and wisdom by giving up his ability to roam freely. We all have these times in our life, but only a small percentage of the time do we take them gracefully. This card may be urging you to pause, reflect, and trade one excellent thing for something much better.

Finally, the Hanged Man begs for a little trust from us. Not everyone is ready to sacrifice their freedom by hanging from a tree. Why would they want to? What guarantees do they have that they will benefit from it? To think that we will learn more about ourselves and the unknown by hanging from that tree, we must believe that we will learn more about ourselves and the unknown than if we were standing on the ground.

When you draw the Hanged Man card in a reading, you'll want to ask yourself a few questions. What kind of price is this card asking you to pay? Can you trust that quiet and stillness will repay you handsomely? Can you set your fears aside and accept your newfound knowledge? Can you accept that there are certain things you just can't accomplish or pursue?

What The Hanged-Man Means for You Today

The Hanged-man has appeared today to show you that your direct interaction is not currently required. We often tend to think that we need to exert effort and will power in order to control our circumstances. In our modern society it may sound crazy to let go of control, but the ancient masters knew that it is often better to let nature take its course instead of try to control things. Everything is vibration and a calm, peaceful mind creates a vibration that allows for perfect harmony to manifest in our world. Take your hands off the wheel for a while and allow the world shape itself.