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The Fool Tarot Card

As people rise from their graves in greeting, an angel blasts a trumpet. The Judgement card serves as a reminder that you can't escape or hide from your past. You must accept the situation and go on with your life. As the dead rise and sins are pardoned, now is the moment to finish whatever you've been putting off. Most essential, you must first be ready to forgive in order to be forgiven.

Judgment is a tale about transition and moving on, but unlike Death or the Tower, it is about change that comes through reason and the consequences of your choices, rather than from chance or intuition. It denotes the completion of your plans, which have frequently been in the works for a long time. If it refers to the future, it may also be indicating the nature of the shift; if a decision has to be taken, ponder and allow your thoughts lead you. Logic, rather than intuition, is a superior guide in this instance. Prepare to make a significant choice in your life, one for which you will bear the repercussions for many years.

Judgment Day has taken on a crazed meaning in recent years; if no one is warning us that it is approaching, they are telling us how awful it will be. How often do we hear about Judgment Day being a wonderful thing? Older generations used to pray for the coming of the Judgment Day, which would whisk them away to heaven and away from all their earthly woes. They yearned to be free of their responsibilities and carried into the skies, to begin a new life for a time. This is the Judgement card's energy.

You would anticipate something a little more ominous from a card named "Judgement." A huge angel in the sky blows a loud horn on the cover. A white flag with a red cross in the centre is attached to the trumpet. The dead are rising from their graves underneath the surface of the Earth. They seem to be ecstatic, with several of them lifting their palms to the heavens in celebration. One lady even puts her arms right under the blowing trumpet, allowing the sound to revive her.

The primary idea flowing through the Judgement card is rebirth. The souls of the deceased rise from their graves, cleaned, alive, and eager to begin a new life in paradise. When you encounter the word Judgement in your readings, be prepared for a fresh start. The Judgement cards also urge you to let go of everything that is keeping you back, even if it is something you previously treasured. After all, people being carried to heaven won't be allowed to retain their bodies, right? Why would they need them in their new existence? They won't, to be sure. As a result, they abandon them. Be ready and willing to let go of the things you don't need in order to live a better, healthier life.

The Answer Will Come From Within

The darker aspect of Judgment Day is impossible to forget: while the virtuous are reincarnated, the wicked are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Judgement requires us to cast judgement on ourselves - an impartial, honest judgement. Examine your life from the perspective of a third-person observer. What would you tell yourself if you were in your shoes? What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time and do things differently? What choices would you be able to make without firsthand experience? Take a stance for yourself - examine yourself and your life and make the difficult decisions that are required.

Judgement poses many questions to us; try asking some of them to yourself. What are you undecided about? Are you undecided about something? What are you hanging on to in your life that is preventing you from moving forward? Is it possible for you to let go? What fat should be removed from your life in order to cleanse it?

What Judgement Means for You Today

You are usually the one giving advice to your friends. Somehow everything seems clearer to you when it involves someone else, and they value your perspective. But you drew Judgement today because you must turn that impartial eye inward, onto yourself. You have been grappling with a difficult decision that involves a fresh start or new way of doing things. But unfortunately, your friends and family won’t have the answer. The answer must come from within. What advice would you give yourself on this important matter?