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The Fool Tarot Card

The Justice card symbolises justice, truth, and the virtues of law. A woman sits between two pillars, one hand clutching scales and the other an upraised sword. This card suggests that although justice may seem to be unjust and harsh at times, it ultimately restores reason and restores natural equilibrium. There's nothing to fear if you have behaved in harmony with your Highest Values and in the service of others. Conversely, if you haven't, you may be held accountable and compelled to take responsibility for your actions.

Justice may be a literal depiction of justice or law, and it's a great card to have in your spread if you've been kind and fair to others, particularly if you've been a victim. It's a good indication of justice and a happy ending, but how and what kind will depend on your personal experiences. Pay attention if you've been unjust, harsh, or otherwise sleazy and unethical in your interactions. This card represents, at best, a severe warning to alter your ways before you face punishment, and, at worst, a plain declaration that it is already too late for the unjust. It may just be urging you to find balance in your life in neutral situations.

Justice is a figure that many people are acquainted with. This icon has been depicted in many ways over thousands of years, from statues in Ancient Greece to the tops of federal buildings in Washington, D.C. When looking at the Justice card, one thing that many people will notice is that her eyes are open. What happened to the scarf that had been wrapped over her eyes? Isn't Justice meant to be blind? The reality is that the Romans were the ones who rendered justice blind; their approach to justice was solely based on texts, with no active thinking involved. True justice does not operate that way; in fact, the statue of Justice above London's Old Bailey has her eyes open. A blind Justice isn't truly Justice since she wouldn't know where the wrongdoing is.

Justice sits on her throne, scales in one hand and the classic sword in the other. She can see, as previously said - no blindfold can hide her enlightened sight! Her head is adorned with a modest crown that hovers just over her piercing eyes. She is the epitome of justice; it seems that no wrongdoing escapes her notice.

Justice instructs us to promote equality and fairness into our daily lives. Many of us go along the road with our bills unpaid. We believe we have wronged people and carry a sense of shame as a result. Alternatively, we may believe that others have mistreated us and, as a result, we are consumed by a desire for vengeance. These emotions may quickly consume us, influencing our behaviour and creating conflict. Justice demands that we bring these issues to light and no longer overlook them.

Truth and Responsibility

If you draw Justice, it could indicate that justice will be served if you seek it. You may be involved in a lawsuit, waiting for a court or government decision, or serving as a representative of a business. Soon a judgement will be issued. Just remember, once you’ve made a choice, you need to accept it; there are no do-overs with Justice. She expects us to be accountable - she wants us to take responsibility for what we've done, or for what others have done to us. While many of us would confess to avoiding responsibility, even fewer will admit to taking on blame we don't deserve. Tell it as it is — no filters, spins, or extraneous details. They say the truth hurts, but they also promise it will "set you free."

Finally, Justice requires us to consider how all of these acts interact - to consider the cause and consequence in each circumstance. You can't really address who is at fault until you first figure out what created the problem and what the problem has caused. Many people refer to this cause and effect as "karma," meaning that everything you do, whether good or bad, will come back to haunt you.

When you draw the Justice card, these are some of the questions you should ask yourself. What have you done that may come back to haunt you? What has been done to you by others? Is there anything you're blaming yourself for that you shouldn't be? Are you avoiding responsibility for anything you should take responsibility for? How are you going to balance all of your accounts?

What Justice Means for You Today

Justice is all about the power of truth to purify and cleanse – to strip away false realities. Drawing Justice suggests something is going to come to light today or very soon, that you weren’t previously aware of. This card often relates to interpersonal relationships and bonds of trust. You may discover the truth of a personal matter that has been weighing on you. Keep this new piece of information to yourself and work through your own observations of it. This revelation is personal and does not need to be shared with others, unless they are extremely close to you. Whatever it is, this is going to be significant for you and you should explore this revelation and move forward with it in your future life.