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Online College

The Queen of Wands is a nurturing mother, representing the need for education – and in today’s world that often means finding the right online college. When searching for online college courses it is imperative you find a degree program that is accredited. You don’t want to end up at some diploma mill, because this card symbolizes the need for true knowledge and learning, not just a piece of paper.

Many of the top online universities have affordable tuition, and have flexible courses that make it easier to complete your degree program in your own time. Whether part time or full time classes, you can choose the schedule that works best for you. An online degree is a big investment, so before taking out any student loans make sure you do your research and find an accredited online college with courses relevant to your long term education goals.

Your Daily Reading:

Queen of Pentacles

The Fool Tarot Card

The Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading when you are in need of practical help, in particular the nurturing kind only a mother or other powerful female figure can bring you. This assistance is typically directed towards business or finances as the Queen is a loving, yet intelligent businesswoman.

The Queen of Pentacles is a practical woman. She is successful in anything she decides to do, whether she is a farmer or farmer's wife, a successful businesswoman, or the wife of someone wealthy and famous. She enjoys gardening and organic living, as well as doing house renovations. She likes beautiful things and isn't hesitant to spend money on beautifying her surroundings. She has an excellent sense of style and enjoys showing off her good taste in jewels.

On the face of the card, we see a dense wooded area that is rugged, gorgeous, and alive. Even the card's border is encircled with bits of foliage and flowers! The queen herself sits on a throne in the middle of the country, surrounded by a rabbit. The queen is dressed entirely in crimson and green to symbolize her strong bond with the Earth. With both hands, she carefully holds a coin with a pentacle, lovingly laying it on her lap. She gives a warm, caring smile to the coin.

She might be overprotective as a mother who wants her children to fit in. The Queen of Pentacles indicates success in operating a business, excelling in a profession, or developing a successful work, health, or exercise plan. She also signifies progress and development.

The Queen is a card rooted in family history, and it represents a motherly character, generally a woman, who is financially secure and has a sensible, down-to-earth demeanor. This individual will come to your assistance in a financial problem to help you improve, most likely by giving you advice on how to properly handle your money.

For you, this card indicates the presence of a maternal figure who wants to guide you, by using her simpleminded advice, to achieve your goals. Even when you appear to be lost and bewildered, she will adore you. She will make sure you don't get yourself into risky financial situations. She's given you security, morality, and support. She has, and will continue to pass on, all of the life lessons she has learned. Her wisdom and advice is something you should heed and value. Even though she worked hard to achieve success on her own, she desires that you, too, have freedom and intelligence, thereby enabling you to teach others how to stand on their own two feet.

The Mother of a Thousand Children, the Queen of Pentacles is deeply caring for everyone around her. She is often in charge of making sure that all of the children, adults, tourists, and passing strangers are fed and taken care of. She thrives off of helping people feel safe and secure; in fact, she considers it her greatest privilege and delight. She isn't content unless her house is brimming with smiles. She's a resourceful lady who will make do with whatever she's given, never requesting more than she absolutely requires. Most importantly, she is very down-to-earth and sensible. Though some may refer to her as simple, but that is just because she avoids overcomplicating simple issues.

Return to Your Origins

The Queen of Pentacles is deeply connected to nature. When you pull this card, you should be reminded of the true meaning of the pentacles suite - the Earth. We are so preoccupied with money and worldly stuff that we forget where they came from - the Earth itself. The Queen of Pentacles implores you to return to your origins in order to rediscover love and contentment. She wants you to look after people you care about and to help those who come your way. Return to the Queen of Pentacles when the world seems confusing; she'll tell you to enjoy the basic things in life. Do no try to over-complicate things. Simplify, relax and enjoy your blessings.

When you get the Queen of Pentacles, ask yourself a few of the following questions. Do you have somebody in your life that is like the Queen of Pentacles? What can you take away from that individual? Do you require more of the Queen's favorable characteristics if not? Could you be more hospitable? Trusting? Mothering? What can you learn from the Earth herself?

What Queen of Pentacles Means for You Today

The Queen of Pentacles is the intuitive guide and helping hand that you have been looking for. She is drawn when you require not only practical assistance, but emotional support as well. This is especially connected to maternal energy so think about the special women in your life, in particular mother’s who may be a source of strength for you. Indeed, if you are a parent yourself, this card indicates a time to provide wisdom and support to your family. The Queen of Pentacles is an excellent businesswoman, so whatever ideas you have to create more financial independence, today is a great day to begin to lay the groundwork.