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Online Therapy

The Star is a symbol of a heightened state of mind and online therapy is one way to help you achieve this level of mental health. Online therapy is becoming more and more popular as people are staying at home more often. Therapists are online and waiting for you to reach out to them.

There are many affordable online therapy services available today. Licensed therapists and who specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy are ready to help. The internet allows them to offer both video and text chat services, so if you are suffering from depression, contact an online therapist today!

Your Daily Reading:

The Star

The Fool Tarot Card

While stars linger in the backdrop, a beautiful woman pours water from two urns onto the ground and into a pool. Stars are a sign of hope and inspiration. The woman is filling the pool with water so that thirsty people may drink and watering the ground so that plants can grow to feed the hungry. On a spiritual level, the water represent energy flowing into the subconscious as well as the conscious mind.

When you draw The Star, it indicates you must forge a new way, you must turn to the future for healing and hope. The Star isn't a card that offers concrete solutions or definitive answers, but it does indicate that you should take initiative and concrete action. Fortunately, it also signals the arrival of unexpected assistance.

The appearance of the Star foreshadows a time of rest, inspiration, and rejuvenation for you. Serenity is required for spiritual, physical, or both types of rejuvenation. It's a symbol of hope and an especially good indication if you or someone close to you is recuperating from an illness or accident. It's a ray of hope in the dark, lighting both your present and your history.

The Three Wise Men were brought to the infant Jesus by a star. Pinocchio's quest to become a genuine boy began with the help of a star. We teach our youngsters that they should wish on a star. Why? One word comes to mind: hope. We hold out for hope, we'll fight for hope, we'll put our money in wishing wells, dreaming, wishing, and hoping. Why should we strive for success if we don't have hope? The Star card represents the essential ingredient that keeps us moving, functioning, and ticking.

Optimism, faith, and belief are all words that come to mind when we see the Star card. Almost all of our behaviors are motivated by these factors. We send out job applications in the hopes of being hired. We push ourselves even harder in the hopes of succeeding. We even turn a doorknob in the hopes of it opening!Without optimism, we will not progress very far. If we didn't have hope to back us up, we wouldn't be able to dream at all. The Star card reminds you to keep that hope alive and well in your daily life.

Stars are the Givers of Life in the Universe

A star shines its light without expectation. It draws its seemingly infinite power from an unknown source and burns brightly with a lifespan we can hardly even comprehend. Our central star is so powerful that we only recieve a billionth of its full light and it's still enough to give life to our planet and, if you look too long, blind you with its incredible brilliance. By releasing expectations and focusing on the present we channel spiritual energy that can help us embody the same brilliance as the Star.

Another facet of the star is its calmness. When they gaze up at the stars, many individuals claim they feel like a completely different person: they don't feel tiny, but rather larger than they give themselves credit for. Looking up at the stars, you can see a thousand distinct flickering lights in the sky: the sky is similar to our planet in that sense, and each individual is a bright, lovely star. Spend some time gazing up at the sky and absorbing the genuine peace it provides. The Star's tranquility is like this.

Ask yourself a few crucial questions when you draw the Star card. What are your expectations? What are your aspirations? What drives you to get out of bed every day? What brings you joy? Are you pursuing what you like to do? Do you feel like you could use a little more hope in your life?

What The Star Means for You Today

The Star has appeared today to remind you to come back to your senses. literally. The 5 streams of water spreading out on the ground in this card represent consciousness flowing out through the 5 senses. We tend to live in our minds and as a result, we lose touch with what is real. We end up thinking so much that eventually, all we have to think about is more thoughts that might not have anything to do with what is real. This state of overthinking leads to anxiety and unrest. The best way back to reality is by focusing on the senses. Listen to the sounds in the room or focus your eyes on a single point for even just a few minutes and watch how your mind begins to relax.