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Considered by many to be the “scariest” of the Tarot cards, the Tower may portend to the need for a personal accident lawyer. While the picture may make you think “wrongful death,” in actuality the Tower is not as bad as it seems. The same goes for most injuries or accidents – as long as you have a good law firm on your side. You could be eligible for significant financial compensation, but you will need representation.

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Your Daily Reading:

The Tower

The Fool Tarot Card

The Tower symbolises the startling revelation that what you previously believed to be true was just a falsehood. On this card, people fall from its windows, as a tower on a rocky platform is hit by lightning, a sign of dramatic things to come. It may signify a sudden, calamitous shift for which you are unprepared. You can't control what happens because it happens too fast. This card may indicate an unpleasant and disturbing shift in your livelihood, lifestyle, or beliefs, yet it will strengthen you when you are forced to start afresh.

The Tower is the epitome of upheaval, abrupt change, and strife. It is dark and ominous. Not simply change, but the sudden and jarring shift brought on by unpleasant and unexpected life events. The Tower in your spread is always a fear, but tragedy is unavoidable in life, and you must choose whether to confront it with grace or not. As you sift through the fragments, you may discover revelations. You don't need to be scared of this card: change is good.

A bolt of lightning hits. There was an automobile accident. A partner makes a proposal. The ceiling collapses. You find out you're expecting a child. There's a mudslide. These are all unexpected events that have the potential to alter our lives forever. The Tower card may symbolise all of these things and more - that life events that occur unexpectedly and without warning, yet profoundly alter our way of life.

A tower is shown on the Tower card, as one would expect. Not just any building, but one that is on the verge of collapsing. The tower is struck by lightning, and the occupants are thrown from the topmost level. A crown at the pinnacle of the tower is symbolically thrown off and broken from its perch up high. To add insult to injury, the tower is on fire, with flames shooting out the windows. This isn't the happiest of cards, to put it mildly.

A sudden shift. Yes, the Death card indicates a shift, but the Tower is a little more foreboding — it indicates a drastic change, generally not for the worse. At its worst, the Tower kind of change is typically a neutral one — something that is changing but not in a good or bad way. Its abrupt aspect, on the other hand, makes it something that is usually seen as negative. As humans, we prefer to know what's coming so that we can protect ourselves... but the events of the Tower throw that out the window. You may anticipate something significant to occur that will alter who you are, what you do, and other aspects of your life.

These unexpected, severe situations are sometimes used as a wake-up call. You experience an epiphany and discover something you might have seen all along. When a loved one dies unexpectedly, individuals understand that they must spend time with those they care about, or they may never have another opportunity. It's a huge revelation that alters everything a person does or believes... but it comes at a high price. This card is not predicting someone is going to die. It simply reminds us that change often happens unexpectedly.

Embrace Change In All Its Forms

Is it true that the Tower is always an unfavorable card? There isn't a single card in the tarot deck that is consistently bad. The Tower may represent a sudden shift in fortunes - winning the lottery suddenly, inheriting land, having a new child... all of these events are unexpected and will drastically change your life. When a sudden change occurs, it is not predetermined as "bad" or "good"; rather, any change is what you make of it. In fact, some changes that initially seem scary end up being exciting and welcome depatures from a repetitive existence.

When you draw the Tower card, you should carefully consider asking yourself some tough questions. What should you do if something unexpected happens? Can you do it? What would you do today if you could only do one thing? What would you do if you only had one day to live? Would you be able to maintain your cool if something unexpected happened? Start asking some of the major questions now, so you're not surprised, resentful, or devastated when something unexpected happens.

What the Tower Means for You Today

Your life has been full of surprises lately, some less welcome than others. But drawing The Tower today is a reminder that unexpected events or revelations are catching you off guard or may be about to. It is important to remember that this card does not necessarily mean something negative or unpleasant, but rather unanticipated or even extraordinary. The key for you is how you respond to this. Chaotic or unpredictable energy flows in and out of all our lives, but today it’s important you try to let events unfold naturally. This type of energy can actually be connected with serendipity, that idea that with unpredictability comes exciting, unforeseen possibilities. However it also may indicate an startling truth about someone is coming to light.