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Your Daily Reading:

Three of Wands

The Fool Tarot Card

The Three of Wands represents new starts, patience, and shifting perspectives. A man stands among three wands, gazing out towards the sea. This card's primary lesson is patience while you wait for your boat to arrive. That is, while you wait for your hard work to pay off. You've recently invested your energy in something important, and your vitality has started to return. Your fantasies are starting to become reality.

You must, however, exercise prudence. Although everything looks to be going well, it might be prudent to wait until your boats have moored and unloaded before bragging about your accomplishments. The outcome is still up in the air.

The Three of Wands delivers excellent news if you can bring all of your ingenuity and originality to the table. You're about to enter a period where your chances of productivity and achievement are quite good, but you'll need to prepare. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh job prospects and your mind receptive to new ideas. The benefits of these new prospects, on the other hand, will only emerge with time. You'll need to be patient and stay for the long haul: the calm and steady approach will win the race. Consider long-term success and seek out new friends, since any new ventures will be most effective if they are conducted in collaboration.

When you stand at the front of the ocean and look out across the horizon, all sense of scale disappears, similar to how you feel when you up into the night sky and stare at the stars. Like space, the ocean's vastness and grandeur is awe-inspiring; we feel small in comparison. It's a surreal feeling to look out to sea and see a small ship. The ship may appear to be nothing more than a toy from your vantage point on the beach. Perception is key. Remember the importance of looking at things from a different perspective. This is the energy contained within the Three of Wands.

In the Three of Wands, the man stands at the top of a hill he has recently ascended, propping himself up with one of the three wands that encircle him. His cloak is tattered and patched in spots, indicating that his journey to this location has been difficult. But now he can see everything that he couldn't see before from down below. He shifts his gaze to take in the entirety of that vast sea, watching the ships roll in and even peering out to where big mountains can be seen in the distance.

Finding New Perspectives

From his perch, the man on the card has distanced himself from the world — he is no longer a part of the world's problems, so he can observe them from a distance. Seeing the world from the outside — with all of its problems, joys, and other aspects – is a task that many people are unwilling to take on. Consider each boat to represent a life event: up close, we can only see the sails, the rudder, and the tiny details of the event. When we take a step back from the situation, we may realize that this ship is one among many in a huge ocean. The Three of Wands is asking you to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Like the hill the man ascended to gain this new frame of reference, the challenges in your life can lead to a new way of looking at things as well.

There is one drawback to this card: the possibility that the man will become apathetic to the suffering of the ships if he is too removed from events. You may discover that you cease caring about events and situations in your life if you grow too detached from them. Find a happy medium between over-caring and under-caring.

The Three of Wands raises a lot of concerns, so here are a few to consider when you encounter it in your readings. What are the current issues in your life? What are the events or jobs that you can't seem to get your mind off of? Are you able to put some distance between yourself and them? Can you understand how little such problems are in the grand scheme of things? When you step back from these issues, do they still feel as essential or critical?

What Three of Wands Means for You Today

The Three of Wands is a welcome arrival today, indicating you are ready for new adventures and seeing the world from a different perspective. These past few months have been challenging for you: our changing world urges you to adapt as well.. But you feel optimistic and ready to explore your next chapter. This card is also a potent channel of creative energy that you can implement in many areas of your life.. If you feel a very fierce creative push, follow it and make something, write something, draw something, just be creative. This new creative exploration will lead you to places of great opportunity, financial and otherwise. Aligning yourself with this energy to open doors you didn’t know existed.