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The High priestess is the embodiment of psychic energy and the insights that come from the psychic realm. Tarot readers, psychic mediums, and clairvoyants all tap into the same energy that the priestess represents. Online psychics are becoming very popular these days and finding one that resonates with you can take time, but it's well worth it! websites and psychic reading apps like Nebula, Keen, and even youtube can be great resources for finding the right psychic for you.

Maybe you know a person who reads tarot cards or channels spiritual entities, or maybe you are that person! Either way, working with a good psychic or astrologer is a great way to gain deeper insight into your life and receive guidance that leads you to achieve your greatest desires.

Your Daily Reading:

The High Priestess

The Fool Tarot Card

Under the moonlight, the High Priestess sits on a throne between two columns. She is the polar opposite of the Magician, she is quiet where he was chatty, motionless where he was always moving, seated where he stood, and dressed for the night where he was dressed for the day. The High Priestess can often provide guidance on what you should do next.

Through her scrolls, the High Priestess provides meaning and insight. She emphasizes the notion that while coming up with an idea, you must make difficult decisions. It is possible to throw light on what you know if you look in the proper way.

Your affinity with the High Priestess indicates that you have innate wisdom in the form of great insight and foresight. She may be implying that logic should take a back seat to instinct. Your mind must have faith in your heart's knowledge. The High Priestess may also appear as a warning of hidden facts or influences that are or will be, significant to you. Intuition is most efficient at perceiving what is hidden to the senses, which may assist when making difficult choices.

If you've ever looked into the subconscious, you know how strong it is. Many experts and academics believe that the ideas we don't realize we're thinking are the most powerful of all. We wouldn't be able to live on a technical, bodily level without our subconscious. Our subconscious thoughts are what guide us through instinctive movements like sitting, standing, walking, and sprinting without even thinking about it. Our subconscious also has a power that extends beyond the physical. We're never entirely sure what it's tapping into, or how it's doing it. What vast and mysterious power is your mind now manipulating? The High Priestess is aware of this.

On the High Priestess card, A woman sits with her piercing eyes gazing out at you. She is dressed in layered blue robes with a crucifix on her breast and a powerful crown on her head. She is sandwiched between two pillars, one black with a big "B" and the other white with a large "J." She is holding a Torah scroll in her hands. A magnificent and elaborate veil, adorned with foliage and opened pomegranates, hangs behind her.

Symbols are the Language of the Subconscious

The symbolism of the High Priestess is rich and complex, it could be studied for days. It's a strange and mysterious card. Many of these symbols will be familiar to anyone who is familiar with religious theology and mythology. Many people are acquainted with the Christian cross and the Jewish Torah, but do you know what the pomegranates represent? The pomegranate has been regarded as a symbol of abundance throughout history, from Judaism and Christianity through Ancient Egypt and Greece. The pillars are replicas of those found in Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem's first temple.

The High Priestess represents all that is going on in the world, in our lives, and inside us that we are not aware of. She represents the enigma of the unknown - all that lies beyond the veil. This card may be urging you to focus your efforts on better understanding your position, as well as the situations of others. This card may indicate that you are beginning to tap into the unknown via patience, listening, and awareness. Above all, this card may show you that everyone has the ability to summon the High Priestess inside them. You, too, may comprehend things you never imagined possible if you just listen, observe, and remain still.

Consider these questions when you meet up with the High Priestess in your readings. Are you searching for anything other than the obvious? Do you try to comprehend people, places, and things, or do you just accept them as they are? What do you know for certain? What do you think you don't know? What message is your subconscious attempting to convey to you? What might the universe be attempting to communicate with you?

What The High Priestess Means for You Today

The High-Priestess has appeared today to remind you to tap into your intuition. Modern society praises hard work and can discourage us from sitting still and relaxing enough to hear the guiding voice of the universe. The answers to all of your questions exist all around you, you just have to quiet your mind enough to hear them. If you find that your mind is full of noise and chatter today, set aside 15 minutes to meditate and focus on something in the present moment. Whether it is your breath or the sound of a buzzing refrigerator, keeping your focus on the now will put you in touch with this guiding voice.