Tip of the day:

Quit Smoking

If you’re currently enslaved by your nicotine addiction, the Devil card urges you to find a way to quit smoking. Of course, quitting smoking is never easy, and a nicotine habit is tough to beat. You already know that you’ll gain a ton of health benefits if you quit smoking though, so it’s time to look again at nicotine replacement therapy or any of the other new products and treatments on the market for those who are trying to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation can start to repair your health in just hours and days, so it’s never too late to start. There is a lot of practical support available for people who want to quit smoking, so talk to your healthcare provider today and get the help you need.

Your Daily Reading:

The Devil

The Fool Tarot Card

When the Devil card appears, it indicates that you are oppressed, enslaved or restricted. Crucially, these restrictions are often self-imposed, or brought about by your own fear. You may be oblivious to something or obsessed with someone, an idea, a drug, or a routine that you know is harmful for you. The Devil card shows up to urge you to face your fears head on and to seek freedom from whatever or whoever is holding you back.

Traps, obsessions and giving in to your own impulses – these are all aspects of the Devil’s business. Sometimes this card appears to warn of a trap or a delusion. It's possible that knowing about the trap ahead of time can help you avoid it, but it's also possible that you won't be able to prevent it. The kind of trap you'll fall into, as well as how you'll escape it, is determined by where the Devil appears in your spread and what other cards surround it. This card does not portend disaster, but rather caution.

On the face of the Devil card we can see a horned and winged demon sitting on a black altar. In one hand, he carries a lighted torch, while the other is raised as if to deter anybody approaching. On his head is an inverted pentagram, which is the Devil's emblem. At the Devil’s feet stand a man and a woman, chained and tethered. However, a closer examination reveals that the chains around their necks are not very tight - in fact, they could untangle themselves at any time, but they do not.

What Kind of Demons are You Battling?

In popular culture, the Devil is a well-known tarot card, since it symbolises a traditional foe in our religious cultures. Apart from religion, this card may be interpreted in a variety of ways. If you've ever heard the expression "battling my demons," you'll quickly connect it with this card.

Sometimes the Devil appears to tell you that a little bit of fun won’t do you any harm – take the day off, indulge yourself or spoil yourself. However, more frequently, the Devil card speaks to over-indulgence of any kind, particularly over-indulgence in drugs, alcohol, food or negative escapism. Be on the lookout for harmful habits when this card appears. It is your choice to free yourself from them, just as the man and woman on the Devil card could free themselves – but will you?

There are times when we find ourselves in areas that are dark and dangerous, and we're not sure how we'll ever get out. This card may sometimes indicate a profound despair, a suffocating relationship, or a soul-draining profession. Look to this card for the secret to escaping in these times. The two people on the Devil card are too terrified, and despondent to escape, but you don’t have to be.

When you draw the Devil card, you should ask yourself a lot of personal, probing questions. Is this Devil sending off a positive or negative vibe? Is there a place in your life where you could use a little extra indulgence? Or do you have an excessive amount of it? Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a situation?

What The Devil Means for You Today

Take a good look at your situation and circumstances today. The Devil card shows that something is trapping you, obsessing you or holding you back, but once you recognize this, escape is easy enough. You simply have to choose to walk away. What exactly is enslaving you is not always obvious, but you’ll discover it if you spend some time in self-reflection.

This card is your encouragement to seize the day. Make this the day that you say enough is enough; make this the day that you choose a different path. Help and support will be available to you if you need it, but you alone can take the first step towards this decision.